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A few weeks ago, Paul Wanner became the latest player of the Bundesliga history of Bayern. The fact that the 16-year-old will also lace the football shoes for the Munich, but is not clear. At the senior road, however, one will not tire of showering the youngster with praise.

Paul is simply a good boy, down to earth and a very good parents’ house, says Holger Seitz, the Bayerny head of the Bayern campus, in the evening newspaper : He has now made a first little step, many more will follow have to.

After wanner at the start of the second half of the 1: 2-bankruptcy of Bayern against Borussia Mönchengladbach gave his professional debut for the German record champion pierced from a tide to Corona infections, Coach Julian Nagelsmann already praised: He is an incredible talent, left Foot, very fast, very ball-safe, courageous.

Although Seitz emphasizes that the many professional nominations of his youngster, through which many failures were favored, underpin the meaning for the offspring.


It is a confirmation for our junior work at FC Bayern

We are all looking forward to the campus very when our talents contribute to the professionals or, as in this exceptional case with the many positive corona cases in the squad also can help in the short term. It is a confirmation for our junior work at FC Bayern, says Seitz out.

In addition, the stay with the professionals additional motivation for all our talents, which also want to look up. In any case, the cooperation and exchange with the professional trainer team work very good. Above all, it is helpful that Nagelsmann and Co. had also been active in the youth sector.

In addition to Wanner, Lucas Copade celebrated his debut in the Bundesliga last. Further talents of Bayern were allowed to place at least for the first time in a professional game on the bank. Especially Wanner stabbed positively. Since the contract of the hope in the summer of 2022 expires, it is said to be intense at the Säbener Straße, according to Kicker, that wanner extends. However, a whereabouts in Munich should not be fixed for a long time.

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