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And looks after two wins start of the year and a significant increase in performance of his team again much friendlier than it did before the winter break. On Tuesday in the Cup to follow against St. Pauli, the next step towards the title defense.

It is reminiscent of Aster ix and the Gauls, who make the Romans Resistance: Europe is called these days on the recent interview BVB striker Erlang Haaland in which the Norwegians — the yes certainly acts due to its power as if he were a child also like once in a potion — on Friday accused his club, he would put pressure on him by the question of where he wants to shoot his goals in the future. On the training ground of Russia in the Dortmund district of Bracket, however, that was not an issue, says coach Marco Rose in front of the cup game at the second league leader FC St. Pauli on Tuesday (20.45, live! At Cup).

‘I see Erlang here every day. He looks forward to the cup game. He looks forward to the tasks ahead. That’s what counts for me.

Marco Rose

There are also sporty considered no urgent reason to do so: Haaland performance at 5: 1 voted against Freiburg, his double spoke for itself. Previously against Frankfurt he helped in the turbulent final phase of a 0: to make 2: 2, a third And the noise? Which are now routine at Russia. The situation is not new for us. It is constantly speculated, says Rose. He was, addresses this issue deeply relaxed what, because I see Erlang here every day he looks forward to the cup game he is looking forward to the tasks ahead only that counts for me….

Roses conversation with Haaland

On Sunday Rose had sought dialogue with Haaland. But not about to talk to him about the much-quoted interview. It was rather the recent victories, his double achievement against Freiburg, which ended a mini-losing streak, and what there still so belongs to challenges on the BVB in the coming weeks — starting with the cup match at the Millerntor. Erlang has been particularly pleased with the performance of the team, Rose reported on Monday from the conversation.

Who knows Haaland ambition knows how much gnawing defeat at him. Towards the end of the first round you could tell that with the defeat in Berlin, it seemed as if only his shell present. The fire that blazes wildly else in it seemed like extinguished. But after the brief winter break except attacker is once again in flames — even if he can not currently channel almost always as for his two goals against Freiburg. In Frankfurt, he coffee with numerous Contract’s opponents, against Freiburg he lay down then with the referee, before he was grimly said interview. Haaland is a man of extremes, even in these points. However, these days it seems probably also felt that the December valley where the team was located passed, seems to be.

Haaland according to plan

Rose might therefore also talk explicitly with him about the two matches last Friday, which were ideal typical of what the 45-year-old wants to see from his team. Consistently put Dortmund in two scenes, the Freiburg under pressure, so they brought in their own half of the concept and finally listen them the ball off. Then really took off: with quick passes and deep runs, the unsorted rearguard of the SC was finally torn apart. The rest was a formality for Haaland, who — according to plan — each was the last link in the chain attack. This is the way, says Rose on the gates, where Mahmoud Aloud and Jew Bellingham had their share through an aggressive repositioning.

We started something with the two games this year because we want to keep going.

Marco Rose

Before the winter break, says Rose, have let miss his team’s certain things. The plan to be dangerous for various situations is, therefore, no longer worked. Now we bring it back to light. We started something with the two games this year because we want to keep going. The game against FC St. Pauli, the Rose in the coming season in the Bundesliga sees ( Even if their coach probably will not like to hear ) was in the process a key. We are the defending champions. We want to develop further, be better, be successful. And thus create those conditions on a sporting level, the Erlang Haaland make it a strotzendem with power and ambition types such as easier to control his inner fire on the right track.

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