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Thomas Müller and Manuel New have warned in view of the heart muscle inflammation of Alphonso Davies to underestimate the topic. The health is also available for Bavaria coach Julian Nagelsmann.

It’s a bitter situation for Phone. He now has to look that he takes care of his health. Since as a teammate and as a club, of course, the thumbs up, Müller said after the 4-0 victory of Bayern at 1. FC Cologne.

Davies were diagnosed after his corona disease in a follow-up sign of a myocardial (heart muscle inflammation). This reported Bavaria coach Julian Nagelsmann on Friday. Davies will be missing Bavaria indefinitely.

Of course, this is stupid for us as a team, but that’s more the two-ranking, Müller said. With something like you have to be careful, we must not underestimate and say ‘Next week it’s time again. Since the club has created a good care with the medical department. We push the thumbs that it goes out.

At the same time, Müller spoke to his teammate in a conscience: As you know him and I know him, you may have to be careful that he is clear that it is not too fun.

Davies himself wrote himself on Saturday night via Instagram: Thanks to all who have given me so much love and support. I can not wait to stand back on the field and to do what I love.

Nagelsmann About Davies: Important that it can heal

Nagelsmann, who called Davies’ diagnosis on Friday as modest to highly crappy, reported on Saturday that the Canadian goes well. If you are suffering from such a thing, you usually do not realize it. You only notice that you are not at 100 percent if you are moving. After such an infection, you do not project that as a player on the heart, but with a Succession of the infection, explained the Bayern coach at SKY.

According to Nagelsmann, it is not clear whether the disease is 100 percent a consequence of corona infection, but the probability is given that it comes from Corona. Either way, the left-part is falling off indefinitely — and in his way to back to the place, Bavaria do not want to take a risk.

It is important that he can heal, but also a pity as Alphonso had come back again, Nagelsmann explained on Saturday. In principle, it is so that we can meet medical responsibility that we test the players in detail. We all know that it is good in power sports to re-integrate players as soon as possible. Nevertheless, it is important to act always in the sense of health.

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New warns: Of course that is dangerous

The Bavaria last had to fight with numerous corona infections in the team. At the start of the return, ten players were not available — including Manuel Neuer, who celebrated his comeback on Saturday.

The important thing was for me the medical examination and that everything went smoothly, newly said, who subsequently submitted himself immediately after his return from the Maldives of a follow-up examination. I was relieved because you know other cases.

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Davies’ diagnosis did him definitely shocked him, newly reported: This is of course dangerous. That’s why I can only recommend each athlete to make an investigation before you start.

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