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The next five-year riot aimed at Games Cargo, Games Cargo, Fandom Strengthening Andy through Multiple Trying

Specific plans such as work execution method, organizational culture, compensation, etc.

RAI Games Nicole Borrow CEO has announced its own homepage through his own homepage, and the specific development direction and goal of the next five years for the long-term development and challenge of Large Games.

First, he was a surprising year in 2021 was an amazing year in Riot Games.

As of 2021, a monthly 100 million worldwide users in the monthly world, and the world’s best authority’s E-Sports competition ‘2021 World Championship,’ 2021 World Championship, The viewer, 32.82% up to 32.82% YoY / up to 60.33% higher than the highest simultaneous viewers.

In addition, the first challenge of the animated series of Riot Games, the first challenge of the Arcane, has achieved a lot of hundreds of millions of players, including new players. In the social reduction sector, there was a continuing effort and excellent performance in the pan Demi situation, such as a $1.2 million festival with game players.

Riot Games aimed at becoming a company that is centered on the most player in the world, and will continue to continue more attempts rather than in the present, and disclosed the development direction and plan of the company in the future.

Nicole CEO is a five-year aiming for Riot Games ▲ Games Genre, ▲ New and creative games, events, and e-sports, movies, music, products, etc. Support for employees (lighters) for enhancing communication with player ▲ Global game development through a wide range of game development studios establishment ▲ Rule of E-sports viewing experience.

Normally, the best game development, services that have been linked to the various experiences, which are linked to the various experiences, e-sports, as well as communication with players, and support for employees.

In addition, efforts have been working on reaching five goals. Changes in business practices, constant evolution of organizational culture and compensation for employees, and more.

In particular, in the change of business practices, the contents of the procedure, such as simplicity and collaboration of the procedure, and the contents of the overall organizational structure are opened. The three organizations of the weight of the product weighed were divided into ‘game’, ‘e-sports’, ‘entertainment’. Enterprise tissue is organized to support all the player’s journey for each of the players for each of the players, and the organization to support all employees.

In addition, it will continue to rewrite the reforms in the enterprise, externally to be reborn in the future, It was also revealed.

Concretely, Nicole Current will make Riot Games in the employees’ compensation, so that Riot Games will be a company that is the best treated by the game industry in the game industry, and the long-term incentive model change, We also mentioned the Korea Stock hood Compensation System.

He is convinced that New Strategy Planning, Evolution of Corporate Culture, New Rewards and Operational Models, and New Teams are convinced that Riot Games can achieve ambitious goals, he said, What are the most players in the world I want to thank all the players who inspired to work harder to become a central company.

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