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Update 27 has actually gotten here for carry cells, as well as right here is a list of all adjustments and repairs added to this spot. Dead Cells developers add several brand-new materials to this update. Update 27 brings the brand-new the Queen As well as The Sea DLC, new tools, balance adjustments and also more. Whatever is brand-new with Dead Cells Update 27.

Dead Cells Update 27 Patches

2 brand-new employers

The striking pressure of Epic Pets was created.
Animals are currently neglecting lava as well as can not die from it.
The assault rate of Machete & Gun has been boosted.
The noting damages from Tough Light Sword is now weaker at low markings and also more powerful with high markings.
Face Flask does not provide leisure anymore. Keep in mind that the description in the video game was just upgraded for some languages for the time being, while all others comply with in the next patch. Sorry for the inconvenience.
When the RAM Rune was obtained, Some weapons currently ruin breakable floors.

2 varied tools


Update 27 brings the brand-new the Queen And also The Sea DLC, brand-new weapons, balance changes as well as more. Should the depth. Defogger. Plundered bomb. Face Flask does not approve leisure any longer.

SPOILER | Dead Cells New Ending (normal) | The Queen and the Sea DLC

Vital functions

A soft lock when connecting with an item during the pollo-power change has been dealt with
Trouble where the Armadierpaket did not organize some assaults by Looter Employer — dealt with.
Dealt with: Flash/ Father did not quit when it was caused from the knapsack. This time really.
Taken care of that the computer animation of the blow gun did not stop when she was fired out of the backpack.
Taken care of a problem in which the head of to behead disappeared throughout some movie series.
The change to Morass of the Banished has been fixed that was not displayed on the globe map.
When stopping the game in the binocular sight has been dealt with, A soft lock.
Taken care of that the parallax aspects behind the Doors of unequaled Shores were shown incorrectly.
Fixed a problem in which the hands of the titan did not do anything after being interrupted by the large pipeline.
An unused removing system got rid of, which triggered unnecessarily long loading times.
Different aesthetic and also accident optimizations.

6 melee weapons


Noor DLC: The sea and also the queen!
Locate your method and check out two brand-new coastal biomes that are alternatives to High Peak Castle and the Throne Space:
Contaminated shipwreck, a not likely collection of driftwood, house unfavorable sailors who could not leave the despair in time, as well as… shrimp?
The lighthouse that seems to be her last resort for ultimately leave this cursed island. Climbing up as well as to light the sign can not be a negative concept?

The new material supplements as well as the equilibrium modifications will tremendously enhance the top quality of the game. For more info regarding this update, visit the Authorities Twitter page of Dead Cells.

Battling versus the alternative to hand of the king, safeguard the lighthouse and also attempts to stop you reach the top where a person seems to watch any of your movements.
This DLC additionally brings you 10 brand-new things that you can open and include your arsenal!

Abyssal Trident, with which you remember your opponents as well as spare them to trigger vital damages.
Hand hook. Order your adversaries and toss them behind to accomplish simple kills from the side of the platforms, in addition to a little control over the group.
Should the depth. As well as you can toss it.
Blade Tons whose damages are directed after their running ability, with an excellent critical leap at maximum rate.
Trashing Round, the heaviest weapon of all. Pretty hard to throw, but it will tear convenience through masses of innocent mobs.

Rapier of the queen. Tear with the favored tool of the so-called queen of the island via the reality (as well as your adversaries)!

Defogger. A new pet dog, a negative infant shrimp, although this seems something pleasant. Allow it release, and it will quickly tear your residences from the body.
Plundered bomb. The beheaded was inspired by these bothersome pirates and also constructed his automatic tower cannon. To reload is quite slow-moving, however the damage it creates makes it up for me.
As well as 15 new clothing!

Tours toss. Shoot cards in various patterns and placed them in your adversaries prior to they call them back to produce great damage!
Gilded Yuri, the heaviest arch of all, with the heaviest arrows as well as the hardest hits. So tough that these arrowheads could get mobs from the ground and take into their unpreventable fatality.

2 skills

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