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In this game, too, it’s about combining and collecting buildings and units to create new, stronger and above all more advanced versions. Fast from foot soldiers so rocket launchers and tanks you can use to wear on battlefields the victory as well as to minimize resources as a prey. Recorded battles also provide the opportunity to expand and expand their own territory and thus to go more powerful in the next deal.

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Of course, an impressive army also needs a suitable general. In Wartime, you are able to hire different leader and thus equip your troops with certain advantages. By contributing to an Alliance and acting together with other players, you will be more strong. As a network, her opponent forces her to retreat and take it even with the most cruel weapons systems that the world has to offer.

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The gameplay is strongly reminiscent of mobile games, so it is not surprising that a very similar variant of Wartime under the name top was: Battle Game already recorded over 100 million downloads in Stores. In contrast to top was Wartime but to find a browser game that you do not find Google Play, but on the games platform of the Russian Operator Esprit Games (Lord of the Dragons, Dragon born).

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