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Ryoyu Kobayashi 126,5m WINNER (Q) - Innsbruck 2022 Ski Jumping
The DSV stars Karl Geiger and Markus Eisenbichler mastered the qualification at the four-headed tour in Innsbruck, but are not entirely jumping in the front. Geiger flew on Monday to 119.5 meters and thus took the tenth place, even the New Year’s two-year rank was on the famous-notorious Bergen with 119 meters (eight) solid.

Eisenbichler’s Schanzrekord does not count

The day was not so wrong. The quasi jump could have been better, but all in all right, Geiger said. Eisenbichler had previously laid a dream jump in the sample and flew 139 meters. Mark had a first cream jump in training. I think it was a nice day for him, said Unrestrained Stefan Forgather. But the trial is not one of the trial because it was not an official competition.

The victory in the Quasi secured Japanese overall leading You Kobayashi, who jumped 126.5 meters. On Tuesday (1:30 pm / IDF and Eurosport, Live! —Ticker near Eisenbichler Schanzrekord), Innsbruck is the third of four tours jumping on the program.

Friend benefits from summer training on site

In addition to violinist and railway, all five other athletes qualified for the mountain skipping. Severin friend was as a sixth-best German and benefited from the intense summer training in Tyrol. For me, it was definitely helped. It’s a hill for your own, as it can help you to look for a concept in the summer, commented friend in IDF.

Also, Stephan Late (24th), Constantin Schmidt (25.), Andreas Welling er (44.) and Pius Paste (50th), which hits Kobayashi in the first round on Tuesday, are there.

The qualification in the ticker

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