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Asmongold Reacts to Warcraft's Most Incompetent King | By Platinum WoW
In world of Warcraft there are many NPCs and places that do not fulfill any purpose. Many players demand: Give the dealers finally make sense again.

MMORPGs must meet many qualities to provide the players a fun, but also convincing experience. Regularly new content, many teammates and, above all, a world that feels alive are just a few of the things that are necessary. But just the convincing world is a problem in World of Warcraft, an aspect in particular: dealers and dealer houses.

What is the problem? Dealer have changed drastically in the course of 8 extensions to World of Warcraft. While players earlier at least some different dealers in the capitals had to visit — such as a dealer for arrows at the hunter, reagent trader as a paladin or poison dealer as a rogue — many of these former dealers today are quasi without purpose.

But there are most dealers and their homes, as well as the many armor dealers in capitals like Storm wind or Grammar. However, they have nothing interesting in the assortment, but only sell items of gray or white quality, which maybe every few years of jubilee times a ruler buys.

As a result, many buildings and their residents have no real use in the game world. That’s exactly what is criticized in a recent post in the Subreddit by World of Warcraft and has already collected over 11,000 up votes in less than 24 hours. The contribution bears the title The fact that 99.9% of all shops in the game have no benefit at all is depressing — and reaps a lot of approval. Several awards and over 95% approval betrayed that the lot of people see.

How could you solve it? Basically, there is a solution to the problem already in the smaller frame. Something required and again: The now neglected dealers should get items in their sales window, which you can not get anywhere else. That’s been the case since Vanilla with some dealers who sell about special recipes for crafts or green equipment that you can never get anywhere else.

This system could be easily expanded and let various items appear random in a series of dealers — such as Tran smog from Vanilla, Burning Crusade and other extensions.

In some areas, the armor traders even have such a benefit. So you can buy in Mists of Mandarin, but also in some Cataclysm areas, with merchants of green equipment, which is suitable for levels in the respective area and also fits thematically well.

The community discusses: The topic is also discussed in the thread stimulated. Many have their own ideas and suggestions or opinions on the subject.

So writes Graphic CSP:

Trot The problems that Cataclysm had really, I really liked how Blizzard has given the various shop and buildings a meaning, for occupations, equipment, badges and so on. Or as Malayans building served for a purpose for quests. I think they make the cities so much to a part of the game and not just the scenery. I wish you would return to that.

Tattoo looks even more drastic:

The WOW world feels empty and artificial. Every time the nostalgia packs me and I jump back into the game, this nostalgia is rapidly destroyed.

But many of them are also looking forward to vacant buildings, such as Craftpunk23, who notes that role players can benefit from it.

She are good for RP guilds, I was in the game on a wedding party in the pub in the magician district, that was really fun.

How do you see it? Would you have a good idea how to integrate the dealers and their buildings in the game again?

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