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With a very good performance Karl Geiger has qualified as expected sovereign for the New Year’s jumping of the four-headed tour. The 28-year-old jumped on Friday in Garmisch-Partenkirchen 135.5 meters wide and thus took third place in the qualification. Team College Markus Eisenbichler continued one and a half meters and won.

Geiger is the largest German hopes man on the first overall victory at the tour since Sven Hannawalds Triumph 20 years ago. After his fifth rank at the kick-off in Oberstdorf, he is surrounded by around 3.40 meters behind the leading Japanese You Kobayashi, who was second in the qualification.

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Overall, nine German on New Year’s Day

In addition to violinists and railroads, seven other German springs are at the traditional competition on this Saturday from 2 pm (IDF and Eurosport, live! —Ticker at Year). Among them from the six-headed national group, which was not in action at the tour start, Justin Lasso (40./schmiedefeld) and Felix Hoffmann (45./Goldwater). Also, ex-world champion Andreas Welling er came to 47th after the Ruhpoldinger in Oberstdorf was eliminated as a 51st.

The Austrian Stefan Kraft failed, as surprisingly. The athletes are common in the final on New Year’s Day as at the tour in the first round in K.-O.-Ellen against a competitor.

The qualification in the ticker

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