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Everything We Know About Project Re Fantasy So Far
Soon the tip of the tunnel for project re fantasy? This great Artesian Japanese RPG could experience a little more eventful exercise than the five years preceding it. At least the wish of Satsuma Hashing, producer and director at Atlas, in the wishes he makes for the coming year at Fujitsu.

It at last year, several titles related to established series have been published at Atlas. It is now the time to be born a new work totally different, enthuses the director of Persona 5. The development Project re fantasy that we announced a few years ago has reached its highlight, despite some twists. We will keep your eyes open and work as a team to carry it up. It’s also an important year for us, because we turn to the future, pursues hashing.

And we necessarily understand the scope of such a project, since it is necessary to go up about the same period, in 2016, to discover the first sketches. With the fierce will to depart from the codes of the house allude — the occult and a delicious Tokyo — to marry those of the Heroic fantasy more traditional. It would obviously not be a first, testifies the critical success of a certain radiant historian, but probably a way to expand the horizons of the parent company again. It is obviously premature to evoke the or the platform (s) concerned at this stage, but do not specify that one of the team members, in this case the Artistic Director Signori Sometime, had already declared that the game had Found his direction. Furthermore, it was in October 2019.

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