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List Games has published a 2021 look and 2022 plans for Tactical FPS Valorant.

In the published notice, as the content to look back on a year, it is introduced that For could not meet the expectation, and that Viper and Bleach have been active as a good map. Also mentioned that the chamber appearing in November is establishing a standing position.

Besides, it is also clear to focus on balance adjustment at the beginning of 2022. We will focus on adjusting and solving the problem quickly than 2021.

At the end of the published announcement also introduce new agents to appear next year. Images that can only see the feet are published, and it is revealed that it is a person who is faster than anyone and slipping the competition and slip into the battle where the battle will be slipped immediately. MGA FABIAN KO (we Friend) and Tagalog words used in the Philippines are attached. If this image is enlarged and displayed, it can also be confirmed that the file name is BILLS.

Valorant is distributed for free for Windows.

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