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Update 1.5.6 has arrived for standee Valley, and here is a list of all changes and fixes added to this patch. This Star dew Valley Update has managed to fix several problems in the game, which the players worried about some time. Most of these corrections are what the players would call as changes in quality of life. No major problems have been solved, but that does not mean that the patch is useless. Everything is new with Star dew Valley Update 1.5.6.

Star dew Valley Update 1.5.6 Patches

EVERY Change In The NEW Stardew Valley 1.5.5 Update
For multi-monitor setups, the game now remembers the most recently used monitor and restore it.
Potential troubleshooting for a random crash that could occur at the end of the night.
An error has been fixed that prevented the wallpapers and floor coverings of different farm types when starting a new game.

An error has been fixed in which pressing ESC to close the Level-UP screen has the lock menu without applying the level-up, which has been displayed again every night.
Chopped dirt no longer decomposes under the feed on the yard. This ensures that dirt can no longer randomly disappear under freshly attached seasonal chestnuts.
Grass placed indoors does not die off if the seasons change for winter.
Fixed that teescal cars placed on Garden Island could not be harvested.
Fix a problem where the Z key has not been bound after the controls have been reset to the default settings.
Fixed that card screenshots did not work under Linux.
Steamworks.net updated to 20.0.0.
A crash when starting the game in compatibility mode on macOS has been fixed.
Fixed that the game window in certain monitor configurations could not be moved from one desktop to another.
It was fixed a problem that prevented the selection of a profession with a game pad. You should be able to pick up all missed professions the next day.
Fixed that garden pots automatically harvest when the mouse is moved above.
Fixed that Emily’s patio decorations were a tile over the spot where they should be.

Many problems with the user interface and graphic settings of the game will disappear after this update. Players with multiple monitor setups will be easier from now on. The game now notes the most recently used monitor and plays the game from this screen. Apart from this fix, many problems related to in-game items and unexpected crashes have been fixed, so players do not have to worry about.

Star dew Valley is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. For more information about this patch, visit the Official Star dew Valley Twitter page.

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