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Code Three Fifty One has released the latest gameplay video of Tactical Strategy Project Haven scheduled to be released in 2022.

This work is a simulation of a turn-based system that draws the battle of mercenary units on the stage of the near future. The player will organize and manage the unit, and will promote the story while fighting with various other persons such as gangs and rival mercenaries and corrupted government forces. Elements such as fellow levels and skills are also available.

In the video, we will release the combat scene of this work. You can check the viewpoint to know the scene and stage information that you moved using various terrain, such as buildings, and you can check the shotgun and rifle shooting scenes with the actual gameplay video.

Up to 4 CO-OP / Available Project Haven will be released 2022 for STEAM.

PROJECT HAVEN  - Developement Gameplay Reveal - New TURN BASED STRATEGY Game 2022

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