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CAE Team Games, Tactical Hunting Action Attack on Titan 2 PC / PS4 / Nintendo Switch version trial version was started for a limited time. The extended version Attack on Titan 2-Final Battle- is also being sent.

This work is released in 2018. It is an action game based on the world view of the TV anime Attack on Titan. It is possible to interact with the original character as the original character and enjoy the stereoscopic action with a refreshing feeling, and enjoy various stories. In 2019, many elements such as stories has been added, and an Attack on Titan 2-Final Battle- has been released.

The trial version can experience the play of the original version of Attack on Titan 2. The trial version and the Attack on Titan 2 and Attack on Titan 2-Final Battle- There is no data handover with the product version, but if there is clear data, we get rewards at Attack on Titan 2-Final Battle- I can do it. Please note that the trial version delivery is limited to each platform for each platform.

Attack on Titan (Live-Action Movie) Part 2: End of the World - Official Theatrical Trailer

In addition, the extended version Attack on Titan 2-Final Battle- is currently under 40% off sale for PC (Steam) / PS4 / Nintendo switch. The upgrade kit from the original version is also available for 40% off.

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