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A superhero movie is a motion picture subgen providing functions of action, sci-fi or dream and including the activities of one or more superheroes, people that have superhuman powers and use them to secure the populace. These movies are generally oriented towards activity and usually share the discussion of the beginning of the powers of the superheroes as well as the look of several super-vilains. Most superhero films are based upon comics, Marvel, DC as well as Dark Horse being the best-known publishers. Others, such as Parkman, Indestructible, solid, Hancock, Chronicle, Mega mind, and we call it Jeep Robot are initial scenarios.

※ [sunjeongnam] Corner is decided to introduce the exotic theme every week, this game meet or characters, events and more.

It is 2004 received tremendous impressed by the director Sam Rail’s Spider-Man 2. Although risking their lives to stop the train scene is the most famous, powerful, yet never Villains Dr. Otto Octavian could not hate, it’s impressive and fierce sacrifice aka Doctor Octopus words were left deep in the brain. But after a lot of Spider-Man movies appeared, there were no Villains left an impression beyond the personal Doctor Octopus.

And, that Doctor Octopus is across the years of ’17 MCU Spider-Man: The emergence in no-way home. Personally, I’m almost screaming when he appeared, saying, Hello, Peter ~ along with the mechanical arm on the trailer image. In the 20 years of time passed since then, the figure is still feeling (of course, a lot of retouching and deuleogatdago) report back than Dr. Octavian, returning myself as an audience also in 2004 that time. Today I saw bringing its return to Doctor Octopus memorial game in Dr. Octavian.

TOP 5. Spider-Man (2000), doing the best result depending on

Even before the birth of live-action movie version of the hands of director Sam Rail Spider-Man games came out number. The film works as an index diligence based on the comics, among them a 3D action adventure Spider-Man launched with PS1 in 2000, putting an end to Doctor Octopus Boss prices. Lied to the fake Spider-Man, dead says, but looks a little getting used to the role as pitiful symbiote Although the true final boss also Angie force is slightly lacking.

Doctor Octopus in the game is there to put four robotic arms that symbolizes him, looks somewhat unfamiliar. Based on the verdant clothes and huge goggles, Wodonga head similar to the comics version, and is there, whether due to limitations of time, the console somehow unknowingly face looks become black, hairstyle somewhat unsure as level’ve just colors only fill in the curly hair, rather than Wodonga head the scent of bringing reinterpretation. Whether due to being one trillion kinds symbiote do not know, anyway it has a slightly different look and younghwapan professor we know.

TOP 4. Spider-Man 2 video game official, Professor He finally leads

Thanks, Sam Rail Trilogy 2 side opened in 2004, on the strength of popular films were produced also the official video game. A pretty monumental work in terms of a Spider-Man game developed by Open World mode, Activision is also the argument that the initial work of Trey arch developed Call of Duty recently. Note that Trey arch is Sam Rail Spider-Man board game was produced all three pieces, after the Marvel Comics-based Trilogy Played: buy a deep connection with the development in many ways, including Spider-Man, which developed the Spider-Man Web of Shadows.

The game also Villains yen house some people have not appeared in the film, but also the final boss is Dr. Otto Octavius. As it is not a movie based on comics, visual or set of Doctor Octopus is a thorough follow it on the screen. Because kidnapping is punished by the MJ and the historic train action may be the same feeling watching the actual movie. Voice acting of the responsible actors Alfred Molina also adds to the feel for the game.

Hello Peter - Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man No Way Home)

TOP 3. Spider-Man: Friend resurrected, but Orr Po, the amount will give !

Though Doctor Octopus, but after the red card appeared only two side plates Sam Rail film, is hot-rolled with the force of Alfred Molina left a deep impression in gaming. In particular, in 2007 Spider-Man 3 was released there was a conflict between Sony and Sam Rail reached its peak, but even once Georgie tough thing to a dead villain appeared re-lend the power of the multi-bus to imagine one more and more doctors ashes of Octopus time this was a difficult situation emerged.

So, In gaming began to emerge a new world of Doctor Octopus borrowed the younghwapan image. Masterpiece right nyeonjak 2007 Spider-Man: Friend Orr Po ‘instead, and younghwapan re-emerged as the Green Goblin and Sandman led by, including Doctor Octopus Venom from the start. Here Avengers Nick Fury and throw me familiar shield to deploy a fairly sporadic story… Though Doctor Octopus, but long positions In reduced gravity maps do not satisfactory’ve got a new life and a new interpretation.

TOP 2. Marvel’s Spider-ray line Damned Earl worked…

Marvel’s Spider-Man came to PS4 Exclusive has received rave reviews in terms of playing quality time with the utmost clearance by dragging the performance of the previous generation console. Especially dwaetneunde well enough to describe my character appeared one by one to miss games haul, Doctor Octopus is also one of them. It emerged as a strong helper of Peter Parker’s appearance in that blackened the final boss Sam Rail film version makes the mouth more than feelings.

But if the case is referred to the temporary evil Dr. Octavian Marvel’s Spider-Man while the fusion experiments take control of the mechanical tentacles, the point is that the difference Villains themselves according to their own choice of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Was mild but feel sadness and even sleep he can see the look increasingly going astray, the scene does not dispose of Villains character as the last jjipjjipham or sadness does not feel like a movie. The visual aspect is somewhat Although the light faded surfaces according to whilst out was the most realistic of Doctor Octopus, aid the re-emergence of the furnace Way Home haejusim.

TOP 1. Spider-Man: Shannon tended Dimension’s, women’s Octopus Ran ongoing

2010 nyeonjak Spider-Man: Shannon tended’s dimensions and has appeared quite unique Doctor Octopus. This game Female typical modern-based Marvel Comics world and proceeds back and forth two world called 2099 a parallel world, is like an ordinary man Doctor Octopus mix adequately Comics and younghwapan appeared in the modern world has however named Serena Patel in the 2099 version Doctor Octopus comes out.

She was deeply inspired by her aid Doctor Octopus Otto Octavian, to design a battle armor modeled after him again with Stoke’s Doctor Octopus. This transformation is male doctor was ever more than all the way to the Middle Ages was quite exceptional winds on Octopus World. Although her force and the acts did not come with a very impressive, the other did not develop into a binary game, we want to assess that there is sufficient value in terms of rarity.

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