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Nintendo has published a statement through your Japanese Twitter account in which you have warned about possible problems on the servers during the Christmas period.

Although in the original Tweet is in Japanese, with the help of the Google translator and the translation of extra life We have been able to decipher the message: This weekend, we expect a concentrated access on the Nintendo account server, and can cause the Impossibility to create Nintendo accounts immediately, declare from Nintendo. We recommend to people who plan to join the family Nintendo Switch for the first time that they create their own [Accounts] in advance.

Nintendo Switch HOW TO FIX “A server communication error has occurred”

In his second Tweet they have also published a link to their customer service website (here La Español) for those who do not know how to create a Nintendo account.

Although this notice has only been published through the Account in Japan, it seems clear that it will affect worldwide as it happened last year, and more taking into account the enormous success of Nintendo Switch during the past month of November. Not only was the best-selling console in countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom, but in the first one has opened the first sales station in 35 of the last 36 months, and beyond the consoles that bring the wise men and Santa Claus also managed to rise as the best sold in many of the lists of the Black Friday.

Of course, from the company, at least for the moment, do not point out that these problems exist beyond the creation of accounts, so everything points out that the online games to Mario Kart will continue to run just as Bain.

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