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The successful Netflix television series The Bruno is back for the second season after a two-year Streamer pause, and the program has apparently improved in quality. When the first batch of episodes debuted in December 2019, the series had a mixed reception, winning only 68% in Rotten Tomatoes. That number is not low enough to deserve the dreaded green symbol and the label Rotten, but it was certainly a dividing television season. However, the second season of The Witcher has skyrocketed on the critical scale, obtaining an almost perfect rating of 96% and a distinction of fresh certificate on the platform. The critical consensus of Rotten Tomatoes on the new season says that it expands in the first of all the best ways, and most importantly, it is still very fun».

With the great leap of his second season on a Rotten Tomatoes score, the new batch of episodes of The Bruno is ahead of other Netflix successes this year, including Calamari (94%), Mama (93%), and miss del Gallo (86%). The score of the program also places it ahead of literally all Marvel Studios television programs in Disney +, including WandaVision (91%), heal and winter soldier (89%), Loki (92%), and if…? (93%), and Hawkeye (92%). The Bruno The second season is also higher than the two seasons of The Mandalorian (season 1 has a rating of 93%, while season 2 has a 94% rating).

For your credit, Netflix already knew how much success they had in their hands, since they already renewed the program for a third season in September.

«What I am going to say about the third season, said Showrunner Lauren S. Hiss rich in a panel earlier this year, The writers are back in Los Angeles working diligently while I am here to do this, so I am grateful for them.. […] It is a very fun season, and follows very closely a book in particular, has a lot of action, some death… somewhat of death.

The Bruno The second season is once again starring Henry Cavils as Gerald de Rivia next to Anya Charlotte as Jennifer, Freya Allan as Cirri and Joey Data as Easier. The new cast members of season 2 include Kim Bosnia ( mate to Eva ) as Semi, Yaren Tour ( Allende young ) as Coin, Agnes Bjorn as Verbena, Paul Bullion ( Peaky Blinders ) as Lambert, Basil Eisenberg as Asked, Aisha FABIENNE ROSS ( The Danish Girl ) as Lydia, Bristol Hindu ( Game of Thrones ) as Levelled and Media Simon as Francesca, among others.

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