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HRI will be the next character of League of Legends to receive a great update. Without receiving changes that raise the process to the Rework category, the developers have announced that the champion is just behind Janna in the order of priorities of Riot Games. A series of half-range settings that allow returning part of the glory to a heroine that for a while was one of the most popular of the game, but has fallen into disgrace during the last seasons.

What do we expect from the Minor Minirework?

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Riot Games has not taken too many clues with respect to the next great update of HRI. However, developers have offered enough data so that we can take a few conclusions. The easiest is about its release date. The Janna renewal process has suffered a delay and Riot Games has set the adjustments to the fox woman for a date close to that of this character. Thus, it is possible that your adjustments are presented in the first weeks of season 12 for a premiere that should not be reached before the patch 12.2 (January 20) and we would not bet on it later than 12.4 (February 16th).

As for playable changes, the situation is more belly. So that we could understand the dimension of the Riot Games settings has indicated as a reference the last update of Lucian. In it, some passives were added to the character and adjusted the sources of power from him to make him more powerful as a shooter. We also have a similar case in alum, which was one of the great beneficiaries of this process of adjustments that League of Legends is suffering coming into competitive after years without attention from professionals.

In this sense, what we hope is that the champion receive changes that define the identity of it of it. The hybrid skill kit between murderer and magician of this character has caused Riot Games to test different iterations without having a defined starting role. Sometimes he sinned too much wear with the Q (Deception orb) to be part of the most lethal categories, and in others it depended on too much to hit E (Size) to be minimally useful.

This situation has made it that despite having a good performance in the League of Legends games, the players barely pay attention. Therefore, it is most likely that Riot Games Altar how it works its kit to clearly frame it in a category of characters by modifying passive skills and some least striking effects. However, this last statement enters speculative terrain and everything indicates that we will have to wait until the arrival of 2022 to know the details officially.

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