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In the summer, whopping 15 Rapid contracts run out — including numerous power carriers. Now neo-Latin coach Ferdinand Feldhofer comments with the precarious squad situation.

In summer, the contracts of half the Rapid squad end. Among them important players like Er can Kara, Maximilian Pullman, Filip Djokovic, or Talent Leo Real.

You can see it negative or positive. I am already used to my last stations. There are also many contracts always expired. Since I usually had a double function as a coach and sports director. Now there will be much removed by a scouting share and a sports director. We have to consider a way to imagine the future together. That does not always have to be worse, says Feldhofer at SKY.

With Kara and Taxi Founts probably breaks the storm center away: It must fit for both parties. Changes do not always have to be negative.

Overall, Feldhofer shows the squad convinced. No wonder — in the first three games reach two victories and a draw, even if not all services were breathtaking.

Feldhofer: Wish me that the whole squad is held, but…

Of course, I wish that the whole squad is held, and we still get something to do, but it is not always a wish concert. Accordingly, you have to look what is really possible, says Feldhofer. Whether players can be kept or makes sense if you sell someone. We now have time in the next few days to work on it.

Before the winter break, the anticipation of Feldhofer already predominates the spring. We start with a K.O. Game in the cup, then four important games for the top playoff and then a European game. So it’s impact on shock. We will prepare very well so that we can handle these tasks, forecast Feldhofer. Rapid has already considered something with my commitment. I just want to integrate my handwriting as soon as possible, and accordingly we will act.

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These rapid contracts end in summer 2022

Er can Kara
Mariachis Founts
Filip Djokovic
Maximilian Pullman
Leo Real
Richard Stringer
Thorsten Schick
Maximilian Hoffmann
Kelvin Arose
Sudan Graphic

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Tier no Ball
Christopher Dion
Caliber Velimirovic
Bernhard Unger
Philipp Schobesberger

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