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The well-known Streamer Herschel Dr disrespect beauty IV is not only known for he likes to play ego shooter. Even a very open and sometimes strongly decomposed way has already introduced him a certain reputation. If he expresses himself during a live stream, it is heard. So now, when he called the developers of the Multiplayer Shooter Call of Duty War zone as a liar.

Call of Duty Warzone - The FASTEST SMG!
He had said it during a recently organized livestream, where he wanted to look closer to the new map caldera. During the games, he became several victims of a counterpart, who used the controversial-discussed Field Upgrade Dead Silence and so unnoticed at him. Exactly this upgrade the developers actually wanted to weaken what, according to Dr disrespect probably did not really work.

Accordingly, he responded accordingly: How often should we say that we do not want to have it? Two years later, it is still in the game. It is still there! For whatever reason, I have no idea. It’s Still there, and they have decided to leave it. (…) You can not hear anyone behind you because they use ‘Dead Silence’. They have lied to us! They have their players — that’s Fake-PR… I’m short of uninstalling it.

So far, the competent developers of Infinite Ward or Raven Software did not respond to these allegations — unless they will do it at all.

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