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Valorant Champions fired one of his favorites in the first semifinal of December 11. AMEND won and was waiting for your rival for the grand final on Sunday. GRU ESPORTS became a candidate after its exploits against Sentinels and FANATIC, respectively. However, Gambit Esports already showed that he can avoid comeback at the contest, profile as the possible villain in the Cinderella Tale of Latin America.

The World Campaign of GRU ESPORTS continued in Breeze, a scenario that is not known to benefit his style of play. Gambit Esports seemed to be aware of it by choosing it as the first of the best of three, but maybe I did not expect the first half. The Chileans Angel KNIT MORE and Juan Pablo Nagy López Miranda were intractable against the Russian team, contributing to the 8-4 advantage as defenders. Unfortunately, the moment they generated could not be moved by changing a side, while his opponent recovered the baton to close 13-8.

EPIC SEMIFINAL! Gambit vs KRÜ Esports | ALL Maps | VALORANT Champions Berlin

Ascent, the selection of GRU ESPORTS, closed its first half with a 7-5 repeated the trend of the previous map. La Claw Latina looked for the comeback to force the decisive map, finding it thanks to the group together of all the members. Although the Russians came to tie with a 7-7, a Roberto Francisco Marino Rivas Begun unleashed devastated with the rounds necessary to enter Bind. From BO3, we went to a better one from a heart for Latin America.

BIND is a map that favors both teams, on the percentage of victories. However, GRU ESPORTS came with an enviable streak of 10 victories to the thread that gave him more possibilities. Seeking to extend it to 11, the whole of Nagy surprised by almost completely dominating his opponent as a defender, arriving again at 8-4 that ended badly in Breeze.

The second round was not friendly for GRU Esports, seeing another comeback by Gambit Esports that ended at an extra time. Despite the strip and constant loosen, The Russians managed to finish the meeting in the fifth extra time, winning 18-16 and getting into the great ending.

AMEND and GAMBIT ESPORTS will play this December 12 at 11:00 MX / 12:00 co / 14:00 AR / 18:00 p.m. The World Campaign of GRU ESPORTS showed that, waiting for next season, Latin America should be treated with respect.

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