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Had it been up to Sony, we would have seen it already in the movies: The Sinister Six, one of the oldest and best-known villains teams from the Spider-Man comics. But now they could finally get to the train, for not only the number of opponents is in Spider-Man: No way home almost, also the founder of the Sinister Six is ​​back: Doctor Octopus.

Who is Doctor Octopus?

Doctor Otto Octavius ​​with, aka Doctor Octopus, appears a famous Spider-Man’s enemies. Although he has no superpowers, Spider-Man: No Way Home: Doctor Octopus. Source: Sony Pictures / Marvel to the tentacles that Otto Octavius ​​has created, take on almost any hero. First Doctor Octopus was only one of many villains that Spider-Man have come again and again in the way.

Starting with Spider-Man 2 Sam Rail’s character but made by an interesting development. Since the film Otto Octavius ​​is often depicted as a friend and mentor of Peter Parker, who is only with time for villains. That has made in the comics for that Doctor Octopus is used more diverse. In between, he was even once an ally and successor of Spider-Man.

The history of the Sinister Six

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After Doctor Octopus Spider-Man is hit again and again by, he decides to get help from other villains who with Peter Parker still have an invoice open. Thus, the Sinister Six, one of the most enduring villain groups in the Marvel universe formed. In different occupations they fight constantly against Spider-Man and other superheroes. They are usually led by Doctor Octopus, but there are also some versions that are drummed up by other super villains.

In the Marvel films, the Sinister Six should actually have their first appearance in 2013 and against Andrew Garfield Spider-Man fight. The project, however, was put on hold. So Spider-Man No Way Home actually the perfect movie to make it at least appear unofficial. In addition to Doctor Octopus following villain in the film namely arise:

The Green Goblin

Norman Osborn is one of the largest and best-known opponents of Spider-Man. The version of the Spider-Man will meet, the Green Goblin from the Sam Raimi-movies. Since the early comics of the Green Goblin is a sworn enemy of Spider-Man. After making him mad a failed experiment, Norman begins a double life, both as a powerful company boss, on the other hand as a super villain.


The best word to spectacular costume is Electron, aka Max Dillon, known among comic readers. For Amazing Spider-Man 2, the production team but decided to create its own version of the character. The Electron, in Spider-Man: No Way Home flashes against Peter Spider-Man: No Way Home: Electron, Sandman, and Lizard are old acquaintances of Spider-Man Source: Sony Pictures / Marvel Parker draw is probably a mixture of his comics and film.


His first appearance in the Spider-Man films had Sandman in the third part of the Sam Rail film series. In the comics he’s a recurring villain who can transform his body into sand. A personal relationship with Spider-Man, he has only in the Sam Raimi-movies. Here he is the crook of Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben was murdered.

The Lizard

Dr. Curt Connors is one of many scientists who Peter Parker are in the comics as a friend and mentor. In order to make the loss of his arm reversed to Connors undergoing an experiment fails, and transforms it into a mixture of human and reptile.

All this does not mean that the villain in the new act are actually Spider-Man movie as a group or Otto Octavius ​​them together. Nevertheless: The Sinister Six are so well known and so popular that probably neither Marvel nor Sony the chance to be missed, to bring them in any way to the canvas.

Who is the number 6?

To date, the teasers of Spider-Man: No Way Home shown only five villains. Hardworking is therefore speculated Who’s Number Six in Spider-Man: No Way Home: Will Mysterious back into the MCU? He was part of the Sinister Six. Source: will be Sony Pictures / Marvel villain group. Obvious candidates would Vulture here and Mysterious. Although Adrian Tomes aka Vulture is currently in prison, but there’s no reason that he breaks out, to take his revenge on Peter Parker.

Mysterious is a bit more difficult, but again, the makers have left open a few doors to return to the character: either as new Mysterious, an illusion, or at least once in the form of Quentin Beck, who has survived the last film, contrary to expectations., Says that both villains were often part of the Sinister Six for Vulture or Mysterious.

invasion of Sonyversums

But there is another possibility, the Sony with the clamping scene of Veda: Let There Be Carnage brought into play. At the end of the film, Venom is back in the world of Peter Parker. It is also interesting that with Möbius and Raven the Hunter two more Spider-Man characters will soon get their own film. Above all, Raven was several times a member of the Sinister Six and Sony could use Spider-Man: No Way Home for a first teaser to use him. If Venom does not even appear as a sixth rogue.

So far, Disney was anything but enthusiastic about it when Sony tried to pair the My Film Universe to the MCU. However, both companies have meanwhile agreed that Spider-one may change between film universes. Whether this also includes the Sony rogues? Maybe the Sinister Six is ​​a recurring threat to Spider-Man, thanks to the multiverse.

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