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The Valorant Champions continued with his day of quarterfinals on December 9. Previous to the most important party in Latin America, Gambit Esports assured the semifinals and was waiting for the winner between GRU ESPORTS and FANATIC.

Both squads already had a shock at the Kingkjavík Masters. At that time, GRU Esports had a different group with Benjamin BNJ Rabbinic instead of Angelo Knit More. You admits, the black and orange sent it to the loser key with Sharks Esports. The Argentine organization knew how to deal with its Brazilian rival, advancing towards the match against Team Liquid who left him out of the event.

Now, GRU Esports arrives at the time of giving Sentinels, winning a place in the quarterfinals. Now, his next best of three could leave him as one of the best Latin American teams of the year within Riot Games’ competitions.

The first map was chosen by Latin Americans: Haven. FANATIC began with the 2-0 that GRU ESPORTS knew how to answer, scoring three to the thread that threatened the European group. Unfortunately, a couple of well-executed attacks put the head to those of Jake Boaster Hewlett. From 6-4, things did not look good for those of John Paul Nagy López Miranda.

The second half failed to tilt completely in favor of black and orange. From the KNIT Clutch’s hand and a good round 25, there was an extra time when Marino dressed as a hero to bring his squad at 1-0. And so it happened after a rope cardiac that was won by a failed attack by his rival.

Appropriation of Black Culture in Latin America/ Apropiacion de Cultura Negra (English/Espanol)

The following map was icebox, selection of FANATIC. As such, the party was almost completely tilted for the benefit of the GRU Esports escort. For before the change of sides, there was already a 10-2 advantage for the Boaster, staring at a Split who decided to the rival of Gambit Esports.

The first half of the decisive scenario began for GRU Esports, staying 7-5 before moving on the attacker. Once there, he kept the step firm until he reached the 12 rounds that left him at a starting point, suffering from a complicated closure due to the FANATIC responses. However, La Ronda 21 made Latin America with the Clutch de Roberto Francisco Marino Rivas Huguenot who put GRU Esports against Gambit Esports.

GRU ESPORTS will look for your ticket to the final of Champions in front of Gambit Esport on December 11. Regardless of the result of that date, the Latin American group has already felt proud of fans who expected a good world performance for years.

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