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After Mönchengladbach, Yannick Kate has not come along, although the midfielder was previously allowed hopes to be used again at Russia. But he only experienced the 6-0 of his colleagues on the TV, because of muscular problems, as it was first. Now the diagnosis is a bit harder: a muscle fiber rupture in the right adductors is likely to ensure that the U-21 international in the three still outstanding games before Christmas no longer returns to the square.

On Saturday at the home game against the TSG Cofferdam, Kate will certainly take place on the stands of the Europa-Park Stadium, as one of 750 spectators. These are only admitted according to the new Corona Regulation of the State of Baden-Württemberg. SC board Oliver Levi has criticized this decision a few days ago as not adequately, even if the country is back in a difficult corona situation. As since the beginning of the pandemic, the SC Freiburg respects the political requirements, this consistently implements and supports the fight against the pandemic in a variety of ways, said Levi. However, the ghost games decided are not the right way: After almost two years of pandemic, we need fewer signs and symbols, but rather adequate and comprehensible decisions in the context of a total strategy.

Borussia Dortmund - FC Bayern München 2-3 | Highlights | Matchday 14 – Bundesliga 2021/22
Raffle for free map contingent

The sports club had good experiences with customized partial licenses of spectators, and the hygiene concept conclusive and consistently implemented by the German football league. Now he wants from the new regulation for the coming home game out of necessity a virtue, as the club announced today. For a free-to-distribute map contingent, a raffle is started whose revenues should be fed to a good cause. By Thursday afternoon, SC fans — who have a 2GPLUS proof — buy a lot for five euros on the SC website and hope to win one or two free tickets.

The revenue from the raffle donates the sports club in full to the Federal Association Kinderhospiz E.V. Another part of the card quota goes to sponsors and partners of the SC, committee members, representatives of the host club, SC player and their family members.

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