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Big Spell Mage IS A MEME?! - Fractured in Alterac Valley PREVIEW | Constructed | Hearthstone
The third and final extension of the Griffon year has arrived at Hearthstone with lots of new cards to try. Divided in the Alter ac Valley introduces us to discover a place of war where the confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance is in full swing. Strategic points to capture, emblematic figures to be eliminated, all it takes for a good battle is here. And on this occasion, the mage has many spells for the battle of Alter ac with his new deck.

Class cards

2 Clairvoyant sorcery

2 Celestial Inner

2 Amplified snow burst

2 MANA Siphon

1 Ice Barrier

2 Arcane Illumination

2 Everything must disappear

2 Summing Depths

1 Belinda Gîtepierre

1 Flame shock

2 C’Thun mask

1 Mass metamorphosis

2 Fluorite cursor

1 Tuberous magisterium

2 Freezing

2 Rune of Arch image

1 Ice-blood tower

Neutral cards

2 Roller of chopsticks

DECK Code:

Aaecaf0bqckbjinbp6ebiFBP + iBlykbazexaok0qp73qo58qon9wox9wotgqskjqsfkgshkgt7ogqa

Cost in dust: 7140

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How to play the mage deck for the Alter ac Valley?

With this deck for the Alter ac Valley, the Mage wants to optimize his magic to take the benefit during the battle. He has spells from all schools at his disposal, but also some servants helping him take control of the field. This mage must take his time to set up his game, but has all the necessary tools to speed it up and take the ascendant. However, it remains sensitive to too aggressive decks.

With few cards at low cost, it is important for this mage to have cards to play very early. The baguette thief, the heavenly inkwell or the burst of amplified snow are there to help it at the beginning of the game. But it is also possible to keep cards like the illumination of the Arcades to prepare its midgame, or everything must disappear to ensure a field control early enough.

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