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The standalone multiplayer title at The Last of US 2 has so far received neither a publication date nor information bargain donated. But a job advertisement from the responsible developer studio Naughty Dog could for the first time reveal a small detail to the multiplayer, which reveals more about the In game shop of the standalone multiplayer.

Microtransactions in the Last of US 2 Multiplayer

What is in the job advertisement? On the on-site career side, Naughty Dog is looking for a senior monetizing / economy designer for the first multiplayer standalone of the house. This is the LAST OF US 2 Multiplayer.

The duties of the designers include the development of a sustainable monetization system and promotion to better bind players. This will increase sales in the game and the value of the season.

The last sign of life to the Last of US 2 multiplayer can be found on Gamer:

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The Last of US 2: Naughty Dog finally gives us a sign of life for multiplayer

What does that mean? To bind the players to the multiplayer title, might give microtransactions in the in game shop. So it could give a shop similar to the last of us Finesse, but in which real money has to be issued instead of In game currency for weapons, equipment and cosmetic items.

This fact could speak that the LAST OF US 2-Multiplayer will be a free-to-play track or at least at a lower price. Since Naughty Dog wants to get sales through the In game Shop.

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The Last of US Multiplayer is ambitious

However, until the multiplayer title appears, it may take several years. The project is very ambitious and should have nothing to do with the story of The Last of US 2. Rather, the title should serve only as a background for the multiplayer project.

Мультиплеер THE LAST OF US 2 - новая информация

Before the multiplayer game, a PS5 remake will probably appear at first The Last of US. The title should serve for bridging for all other projects, as those at the beginning of the year were invariably in the pre-production phase. Thus, we will have to be a little to be patient until the multiplayer standalone appears to the Last of US 2.

What would you think of microtransactions for the LAST OF US 2 Multiplayer?

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