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Table game has two senses. In a basic sense it is any type of game played on a table or similar surface area, commonly with counters, rounds, or various other playing items as opposed to card games and also, sometimes, board games. In the United States, ‘table game’ is the term used for lotteries such as blackjack, craps, roulette and also baccarat that are bet the gambling enterprise as well as run by one or even more real-time croupiers, as opposed to those used a mechanical device like a one-armed bandit or versus other players as opposed to the casino, such as conventional casino poker. Whichever meaning is utilized, it ought to not be puzzled with tables games which are a family member of board games that include backgammon. The rest of this write-up has to do with the American use of the term ‘table game’.

It’s Christmas and like every year this means: Shopping lists! In this article we introduce you to the best games to surprise your grandparents (or parents) at Christmas and at the same time improve their memory performance. You do your loved ones even good! Video games are excellently suited to prevent dementia diseases or slow down their course. Important: At this point we do not talk about older semesters that are already grown up with Work, Net hack and the ARPANET, but about complete newcomers. We therefore decided for the switch variants, as a game console is much better suited for gaming newcomers than a full-footed gaming PC. On the other hand, the switch is used everywhere in the house and can also be comfortably used at the kitchen table or in bed if it requires the situation. Note: The less effort has a newcomer while playing, the more often he will do it. In this article we do not just want to set up a good Christmas shopping list for grandma and grandpa, but in the main, remove barriers to keep your parents or grandparents mentally fit.

Table of contents

  1. PAGE 1 TOTE CEMENTS: Games for parents or grandparents — Introduction
  2. 1.1Whie video games our brain exercise and improve our mood
  3. 1.2B strategy game or table tennis — everything helps
  4. 1.3 Regular Rock Increases well-being
    2nd page 2 against dementia: The best games for parents and grandparents
  5. 2.1This games are suitable for newcomers
  6. 2.2Sund and sociable through video games
    3rd page 3 picture gallery too mentally fit in old age: games for the parents and grandparents…

For this purpose, we first explain the underlying facts and feed them with the appropriate studies. Then we dedicate ourselves to a suitable list of switch games that follow the study recommendation and still do not fail too complicated. Also, important here is a solid long-term motivation, which keep our loved ones at the bar for a long time, without the switch landing in the corner. As the last icing on the cake, the games should have a pleasant topic and provide relaxation. Because even if, for example, Super Mario’s Bros. U Deluxe is definitely good for the brain and the reaction assets, games of this kind are often much too hectic for older newcomers. Here we go!
The platform of our choice is the switch: it is easy to use, mobile and points with Nintendo’s catalog some Windrush games at all. Source: PC Games

How video games exercise our brain and improve our mood

It has long been known for a long time that video games improve brain performance in many areas by improving the memory function as well as the ability to make quick decisions. The neuroplasticity is drastically increased by regular play: the willingness of the brain to set up new situations and thus strengthen the connection of nerve cells is important in every age. After receiving new information, a brain with high neuroplasticity can easily adapt to new circumstances and functions. A brain that is exposed to only a few new charms, on the other hand restricts itself in its function. The whole follows the basic principle, after the bone density, muscles and almost all others in our body work: use it or lose it — use it or lose it. Video games bring about new experiences in times when the interpersonal contact is very limited anyway, new problems with them. That’s good, because the brain loves to solve new problems. By the way: Who slows several completely different game regions, additionally increases this learning effect!

Whether strategy game or table tennis — everything helps

This is even so significant for us that regular video game sessions can prevent different forms of age defense. Following the use of a dementia specified, the progress of the disease can also slow down and the unpleasant consequences of dementia are weakened. Every game helps from Solitaire to Civilization to Call of Duty — according to a study by the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior of the University of California, but above all, there are three-dimensional games that fully achieve this effect. The reminder function of the Hippocampus, i.e. the transition from the short-time to long-term memory, is significantly improved, especially in older populations.
The Memeorebox is used in motion therapy and was developed in cooperation with sizes such as the Charité in Berlin and Microsoft. Source: PC Games The effect according to the study holds up to four weeks after a one-month games therapy, in which a total of a total of about 45 minutes was gambled. Kagoshima’s brain logging and similar training programs are also, also suitable to slow down the progress of the disease, but a 3D game with its visual stimuli and long-term motivational factors can not range from the water. Even better qualified are games that combine physical exercise with mental effort. Even half an hour daily, there are true miracles in terms of attenuating a retirement.

This effect is also used in therapy using the so-called Memorable. In cooperation with sizes such as the University Hospital Hamburg and the Charité in Berlin, as well as Microsoft and the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich develops, the box also offers physically limited seniors the opportunity to actually operate. In the compact console, there is a camera renewal in the end, much like in the case of Microsoft Kine ct. The available games are limited to permanent burners such as cones, table tennis and singing games; This requires neither a controller nor a thick instruction manual.

Regular gambling increases well-being

There is even a more merry customer, because according to a study by the Internet Institute of the University of Oxford, games also increase our well-being and improve our mood. Before you get angry in the comment section: Of course, that only if the so-called flow condition is achieved, say a play flow that comprehensively demands the player, so that he can bring his entire skills to it — without him Frustrate. According to the study (with a suitable game), especially feelings of autonomy, bonds, competence and joy are responsible for increasing our well-being and decreases our stress level. And you have guessed: This effect is excellently suited to mitigate dementia symptoms.

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