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You will remember that earlier this year, several reports arose suggesting that Naughty Dog was working on a remake of the first The Last of Us. Care TV of HBO, however, since then we have not known anything about it. But today a new track emerged that reinforces the existence of this title.

It happens that Dog.

This means that the person staying with the work will be collaborating with some study first-party of PlayStation in mechanics and elements of an existing game. As far as we know, Naughty Dog is the only study that I could currently be working on a remake, unless Sony still has a few secrets under the sleeve.

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Editor’s note: This type of rumors usually have some kind of sustenance from behind, and the vast majority of time turn out to be true. The idea of ​​having a remake for such a recent game sounds like something so crazy, but considering that his series also comes in HBO, it would be a good point for those who did not play the original or PS3 or PS4.

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