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Healthcare systems for a better social world | Karl Lauterbach | TEDxRWTHAachen

Health expert Karl Auerbach calls for a ceiling for football matches just before the Corona summit of the federal government and countries. In my view, no game should have more than 5,000 spectators, Auerbach wrote on Twitter overlooking the controversial Headache Derby between the 1st FC Cologne and Borussia Mönchengladbach last weekend 15,000 fans. On Wednesday, the Corona incidence value had increased rapidly in Cologne. It was certainly not the game alone. But it has contributed. The game would have never been allowed to be approved, Auerbach wrote. According to the city of Cologne from Wednesday, however, there is no infection case with relation to the Bundesliga game from Saturday. On Thursday, federal and state governments advise on sharper measures. It is also about restrictions on major events.

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