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Soon the end of the tunnel for Dying Light 2, which unless the stunt can not miss the date of February 4 on the agendas. And for good reason, the title is officially passed GOLD, ready to be duplicated in Blu-ray. And even to be Uploader on the waiters, given the majority share of dematerialized in recent years.

This would not have been possible without your support during these years. We will devote an extra time to make sure that we offer you the best possible experience, are enthusiastic about Tech land developers, spent by all states, And all the delays, since the announcement of the game in June 2018. A largely documented tumultuous development, between internal dissensions and the departure of the writer Chris Alone, facing the accusations of sexual harassment.

For more info about the POLISH Studio’s post-Apo title, you are logically referred to the last overview on Gamut, a game session that is mostly illustrated by its mechanics, without being fundamentally unpleasant, Digit.

What's Wrong With Dying Light 2’s New GORE System? | The Massive Changes (Dying Light 2 News)

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