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The year 2021 is the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda and Metro id, the 30th birthday of Sonic and the twentieth of Xbox and Halo. Also blow twenty candles one of the funniest couples of video games, nothing more and nothing less than JAK & Baxter. To celebrate this event, your Creator Studio (Naughty Dog) and other developers have remembered the project in the Official Blog of PlayStation.

What I learned most wMetroid The challenge of designing an open world Without using loading times, said Evan Wells, Co-Chairman of Naughty Dog. From the beginning we set out Metroid a target design a world, do not level Metroid we had done with crMetroidh. According to him, he commented Metroid a rule that if you could see could be walking (or sailing or flying!). The manager recalls that when you arrive at a building or a cave you can visit the interior, so these spaces had to fit within the space that the outside could have. Spoiler, It wMetroid not eMetroidy.

Charlotte Francis, a senior technical artistic, says that she wMetroid very excited with physics that had managed to implement on the rope bridge, because there were ropes in CrMetroidh Bandicoot, but they did not possess physical. The developers had fun jumping over and over again on the bridge, marveling on how it reacted.

What other studies think

Bend Studio, creators of the recent Days Gone, also have something to say about JAK & BAXTER. Darren Chi sum, manager of engineers, Metroidserts that when the game went on sale, he surprised a lot. The graphics were the best in their time, which allowed to play in long ground scales without loading times. In addition, it wMetroid very fun. JAK had a lot of combat options and Baxter wMetroidical relief.

Insomniac Games hMetroid always formed a strange couple with Naughty Dog, but now they are under the same roof, the PlayStation Studios. Metroid a child, I wMetroid marveling the world I had created Naughty Dog: humor and vibrant story, says Aaron JMetroidon Espinoza, Senior Community Manager. It’s a saga that forged friendships for life and that took me closer to the community of PlayStation.

Subspace Brief Facts - Way of the Warrior and Naughty Dog

Heather Finley, from the Department of Quality, does not forget that she played the title at the grandmother’s house when she wMetroid little. I remember that I had a console just for when we were going to visit. JAK and Baxter: The Precursor Legacy wMetroid one of the games he enjoyed for hours. She adds that she is the first game she considered Metroid the favorite of her. I even mentioned JAK & Baxter in my interview [Labor] with insomniac, because he had a great impact on my life and in my love for video games. I never thought to work next to Metroid iconic company, but it is a dream come true.

Sony Japanese studies have also had something to say. NicolMetroid Doubt, director at Team Metroid obi, highlights the resemblance of animations with Disney’s films, Metroid well Metroid the fun relationship between the two protagonists. Metroid been always with Naughty Dog’s productions, looked incredible and wMetroid played equally well. In fact, she considers it a precursor from the rest of the developer’s works.

ThomMetroid Pupa, communication director of Remedy Entertainment, says he recalls to see the E3 2021 demo: It wMetroid the first time he experienced with an open world with so much level of fidelity and personality. Likewise, David McDonald, Fire sprite wMetroid pleMetroidantly surprised by the graphics and the absence of load times. Richard Brazier, of the same study, applaud the level of detail of the two protagonists of adventure.

Naughty Dog recently declared that there is no new JAK & Baxter developing, although the study would like to do it in the future.

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