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Alphonso Boyle Davies, birthed November 2, 2000, in Bujumbura, Ghana, is a Canadian Football gamer. He plays the left-winger or side at Bayern Munich.

Next weekend, many glances to Dortmund depend if the BVB meets in the top game of the Bundesliga on FC Bayern. In the run-up to the duel between Cup winners and Master, record national Other Matthew has ever ventured a forecast.

If it comes to the German Classic between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, an assessment of Other Matthew may not be missing. The 60-year-old has recently observed the counterparties and now revealed his findings.

Both teams are currently not in top form, analyzed the ex-professional in his Sky column I see that. Matthew continued to detail: Bayern lost in Augsburg and won against Bielefeld only with me 1-0. The Dortmund, however, excreted from the Champions League in the preliminary round, which certainly corresponds to anything but their claims. That was a big one Disappointment.

Matthews in worry about his FC Bayern

Bayern Munich back on top after Leroy Sane's goal | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

In front of the Rather next Saturday (from 18:30 in the live ticker), Matthew recognizes many by-board scene in Munich (too).

Bavaria not only has a lot of restlessness through Corona. Also, the turbulent annual general meeting and everything that is related to it, leaves traces. Something is not just about the players, warned the World Champion of 1990.

Nevertheless, the industry prime is once again the favorite, emphasized Matthew, who tapped a tight 2: 1 success of his FC Bayern.

At the same time, he clarified how difficult the situation for coach Julian Nagelsmann is currently, after all, the 34-year-old must waive power carriers such as Joshua Gimmick.

He was in many of the past duels between these two teams of the Match winner. […] footballer and character is Gimmick for FC Bayern not to replace, said Matthew, who spoke of a great weakening for the record champion.

FC Bayern: Matthew renews criticism of Hernández

But as the greatest danger to Bavaria, Matthew does not look at the personnel piercing, but the offensive force of the upcoming opponent Borussia Dortmund to Tormaschinen Erlang Haaland.

The greatest task for the team of Julian Nagelsmann will be sent to the defensive network, the record national player who practiced for the second time in less days’ criticism of a Bayern actor: Lucas Hernández also has a speed of speed against Haaland. He is — And you always have to see that in combination with the giant investing for him — not the exception player, who is in this price category, for example Van Disk von Liverpool. I just expect me anymore.

After the most recent 1: 0 work victory of Bayern against Armenia Bielefeld, Matthews had already explained to see only a merchant in Hernández.

More: Matthew Leader against Fellow Runner Lucas Hernández

The Frenchman requires support to exist against Haaland and Co. However, Nagelsmann has already developed an Anti-Haaland Plan threw in Matthew.

His conclusion between FCB and BVB: If one compares the key positions, Bavaria is the advantage. Haaland is great, but Lewandowski is a little better. Nobel is very good, but new the best in the world.

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