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Naughty Dog’s controversial sequel already appeared last year, but even today fans find new ways to listen to their opponents. A player shows how comfortably an ambush can look.

Amount from the sofa

The Last of US 2 is Naughty Dogs Brutal continuation to one of the best story adventures of the PlayStation 3. During the second part with his story split players, fans are at least agree that the gameplay made a big leap forward Has. Because in The Last of US 2, you have countless opportunities to make life for hell of an enemy patrol.

A funny strategy for an ambush presents the YouTuber Reiki, which is completely relaxed to his opponent. In the video Available of the year you see Ellie with a brick armed on a couch and wait… wait for your next victim. When an enemy soldier approaches, everything happens to jerk sugar and the precise brick throw already follows the knife.

How To Divide A Fanbase - The Last of Us 2

(Source: YouTube, Reiki)

Fans celebrate the video in the comments. The YouTube user Nameless writes: This is the strangest, destroyed and funniest ambush I have ever seen. The user j can only praise: If you played the last of us 2 so many times, Then you really have to be very creative with your kills.

News from The Last of US: series is progressing

While new information about the LAST OF US 3 or a stand-alone multiplayer will have awhile, the serial adaptation of the Last of Us is good progress. Two months ago, fans were allowed to see Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey for the first time in their roles Joel and Ellie.

Although the first season is oriented to the events of the first The Last of US, the series in some episodes should also deviate slightly from the actual history. A publication date is not yet known.

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