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The annual general meeting of Bayern last Thursday ended with BUH Calls against Club President Herbert Gainer and loud whistles. Reason: The Munich bosses closed the meeting, although numerous members wanted to pronounce the controversial Qatar deal. Now the 67-year-old responded to the tumults in the Audi Dome.

You can assume that we all had a troubled night, Herbert Gainer said in the way to the meeting of the record champion towards TZ. Already immediately after the end of the Annual General Meeting, Bavaria fans on Twitter had proclaimed their displeasure and criticized the behavior of leadership rates. Bavaria member Michael Out, who had his request to terminate the Qatar sponsoring, showed himself horrified.

Gainer now resisted the criticism of the base and explained, In principle, our club stops a discourse, he belongs to club life. Criticism is always possible. But: the tonality has to be true that evening.

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The FC Bayern like to be with our members to a table — a constructive and fact-based exchange must be the goal of both sides.

Gainer to the fatal Bayern-JHV: Honored accordingly, the atmosphere

Wegen Katar: Hainer erntet Buhrufe von Bayern-Mitgliedern | SID
However, Out criticized, at all, did not have any opportunity to explain his point of view. His previously submitted request to put the topic on the agenda was rejected by the club. As in the context of the membership fees at the meeting, the word grasped and addressed the subject, he became Vice President Prof. Dr. med. Dieter Mayer Rude interrupted. There was no further opportunity because Gainer finished the meeting after more than five hours, although there are still word contributions expected.

Gainer once again explained his point of view why OTTO application was rejected. There was a lack of legal basis, the application was not permitted in the form. That had decided and clarified the district court in advance; accordingly, the atmosphere was on this evening.

The former Adidas boss also realized that FC Bayern will fulfill the contract with the Emirate as a reliable partner. But: The board of Bayern has not yet decided whether the sponsoring with Qatar Airways is extended. Take the Take the suggestions and ideas of our members seriously, let them incorporate into our considerations and will also analyze the situation self-critically.

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