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Ernestine 2 has followed since the beginning, knows how extensive the story is, the more tragic when half story wanders in the Convent-Vault. Many new lights do not realize how the connections are knitted. This makes Bungee herself out and scares new players.

What is meant with content-vault? The content vault is there to store old contents for an indefinite time. Thus, old content will no longer be accessible. So you can no longer play or earn old areas or missions of past Seasons. There is space for new content, so bungee it has easier Destiny 2 update.

But many players are against the stroke, as they take the new players the opportunity to better understand Destiny 2 and the story. Guardians who have been there for a long time missing, thus well-successful missions or areas that have also brought variety in some Tristan Destiny2 days.

Players do not understand why Lord Saladin hates the cabal

Where is the problem? But especially new players starting Destiny 2 understand many contexts or even story did not catch. Dialogues of NPCs are confusing because events are addressed, which are no longer present.

A player on Reddit describes his location very well, he tried his colleague Destiny 2 and brought the story closer and that happened:

I have a friend with which I regularly game, whom I tried to bring closer to Destiny 2, but he did not understand the story I have discussed and a few others. It definitely gave him the feeling not to belong, finally he did not appear anymore.

Reddit User PappyLongSTLKNGS

New players lose themselves in the pure confusion, as no connections can be closed. It will ask questions like:

Who is the really?
Why does Lord Saladin hate the cabal?
Who is Haul and what did he do?
What context is Call to these events?

And many other questions that are not actively answered in the current version of Destiny 2. Unfortunately, since the Lore unfortunately has to be released in the collection, and Old Lore-Fetchen are no longer collectible, new players already come to the limits.

Bungee shoots itself with its own knee: The content-Vault does not just come well with the older players, but also with new players. Through this feature of storage, older guards have no ways to visually give the new lights a statement to history.

This scares new players and bungee is losing growth. No one would like to play something he does not understand.

Of course, however, that Destiny 2 is generally a very complex game. Programming and developing this is no ease, as the developer team has also developed an Odyssey to find out on which course a continued existence for the title exists.

19 Things Players Hate About Destiny 2

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Bungee is in a clamp. Finding a middle ground in this problem is not easy.

How do you get a remedy? You offer YouTuber, who are very well knowledgeable in the LESSOR. They develop videos in which the story, but also attachments or theories are set up and presented.

They go step by step all important points and convey that the viewer so that this also understands every new guardian. Do not have any videos to you and feel more of a quiet hour of reading, you can visit the Internet on the internet, which the Lore and Lore book documented.

This allows you to obtain a basic knowledge of the story and probably attract this with comments from the community.

What do you think of the current location of Destiny 2? Do you find, we will be able to exist in the fight against the darkness, if new lights throw the towel? Let’s know in the comments what you think!

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