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Info we got from one of the Polish players Margin. Thanks to Tomek!

It’s about the latest November update, which added new locations, new monsters, new tasks, refreshing certain elements of the game (whether in visual form, or in the form of a balance).

Not all, however, went to Armory. The strength of monsters, objects and templates gaining on the simultaneous nerve skill caused a lot of confusion in the game. Monks in Margin gained an amazing strength, making effective explanation (high level) now is practically impossible.

Entering of spilled players:

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I realize that Buff Mobs was needed due to increasing HP players, but definitely exaggerated, especially with elites on expositions. Group 3,4 stings, which still did not take me one health yesterday, currently kill me or leave around 20%. The same situations occur in all players, in non-scale equipment, at each level of Level. Since you do so much to improve for new players (once the NTP change of the starting village, which does not care anyone, a rework of some goblins etc.) It’s how these players have to deal with the expositions in a unique EQ while collecting bombs on the face from ordinary Mobs?

Hello, I would like to move the problem of yesterday’s update, which from my perspective is a defeat and for a long time nothing did not discourage me like this change. Monsters on expositions got sick, not restrained changes that turned the game upside down. At 150 Lulu I got a life bonus in the form of about 10k. This amount of HP does not change absolutely nothing but fights with other players. If I had 40,000 years ago, this exist did not take me more than half! A life bonus that we received does not give any advantage over mobs in the game, because expiating in unique or regularly improved on +5 Moby were unable to use this life fully, and if they did it, this meant only the fact that the player took a bad explosion Or uses a bad set of weapons or skills. In exchange for the buff of life, which I remind you, if someone was able to expected, we received horrendously strong Moby, which are unbeatable to a few LVL lower level! Having 200 energy on a 150 level and 3 legends in EQ I can not overcome groups with a ghost elite. Using all the energy, I managed to beat the elite just 30% of life, 6 touches did not help in the fight against this group of mobs. I would ask for a hotfix as soon as possible to the strength of mobs from before updating the game. PVP changes, on the other hand, look nice, so here you can stay with your current game.

Each elite is deadly. For example, with 120lvl magician you fall on relations having 108lvl. Although you have a very good equipped.

Example? Watch from 1:50:

Armory must now release Hotfix as soon as possible, otherwise the dissatisfaction of the game fans will only grow. And for these Developers Margin can not afford.

Margin is still struggling with the problem of Botox, and in memory there are still vivid scandals from 2020 and 2019, according to which Admins were to protect dishonest users.

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Not to say about calling players Parabola, because such situations also happened in the past 🙂

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