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The celebrations In destiny 2 for the 30th anniversary on December 7th are not far away. Bungee is already working in the background at the previously the largest future update, which is fundamentally changing the game in December 2021 and in February 2022. The adjustments we summarize in this compact overview for you.

The current Season 15 of Destiny 2 is the longest that ever had the game. In the seasonal story quest around Marathon and Markov there is currently a standstill. For this reason, the 30 years bungee package appears in less than three weeks. It should sweeten the players time until the next extension in February 2022. Bungee has also been working for weeks in the background at the largest balance patch of all time.

Currently, that sounds almost a bit like Bungees birthday celebration in December also starts a completely new era for Destiny 2 and his players.

Imagines you on big changes: Many changes already come into play in December 2021 and bring the first drastic changes for the players. Further innovations will then influence the future gameplay on February 22, 2022, on 22 February 2022. All these adjustments are enormously extensive.

Adjustments to exotics and different weapons and perks
Profound balance adjustments for skills with differentiated decay times
Extension of the light classes by aspects and fragments
A completely new type of weapon crafting and their optimization
New opponents and selectable difficulty levels making the game challenging

1. Extensive tuning at weapons, mods and perks

Bungee in December takes some significant changes to various weapon archetypes, mods, perks and exotics.

Legendary weapons are stronger in the EVE: Slug-shotguns lose 10% in Eve, but pellet-shotguns receive 10% EVE damage. Various swords now consume less ammo for a serious attack and arches causing 10% more damage against normal enemies. All linear fusion rifles will cause 10% more damage.

Exotic buffs and Nerfs are ensured for fine-cut: The most notable changes relate to popular exotics such as Western of the worm and the sleeper simulant. The sleeper receives the smaller of the two buffs, with a damage increase of 6% (next to an additional damage increase of 10% for linear fusion rifles) and an additional shot in the magazine.

The exo-sniper whisper of the worm, which was earlier in almost all fights the preferred DPS weapon of the players, may receive a terrific comeback. In addition to the damage increase of 10%, the catalyst PERK Breathing Control triggers now faster. In addition, with three fast precision spaces, a ball from nothing to the magazine is returned.

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All changes to the exotic weapons can be read in this article:

Exotics without catalyst should produce spheres

The biggest disadvantage of exotic without catalyst should be omitted. In the future, bungee will bring a solution which makes the generation of spheres of power no longer dependent on the presence of a catalyst. Primary weapons exotics also receive a tuning pass to make them more useful.

The adjustments to Perks and Mods: Also many mods and perks will change. Underneath Formal weapon. While nothing changes against Supers in the PVP, Bungee suits the damage buff in the EVE. Instead of 15% on all weapons, it is now 10% on Power weapons, 15% on special weapons and 20% on primary weapons.

In addition, there will be the new, barrier-free mod fully automatic retrofitting. It will be available for legendary handguns, pistols, scout rifles and impulse rifles. Activates fully automatic, while the deduction is held.

Bungee wants to give the players a reason in February 2022 to use two weapons of the same element and STAT type. More about this is not yet known.

2 . Your skills will soon feel different

Already in December, any ability and all awesome identity will get what will make it unique. Player builds become more flexible. It also means the end of the Super Clock in the melting pot. Good for these changes to many players will feel different.

Destiny 2: 5 Tips Every New/Returning Player Should Know! (Leveling, Armor Stats, Loadouts, Exotics)
The separation between the two areas will become more important in the future because a PVP build must be customary than a pure EVE build. A hunter should reconsider its 100 mobility because the decay time is increased for dodging from 11 to 14 or 11 to 18 seconds.

However, these changes affect exclusively the crucible. There will be no change in the skills reimbursement for EVE fighters.

Everything about changes for decay times and the Super Tier List, which come into play with the biggest balance patch of all time, you can read here:

3 . Empty 3.0 is the first to expand the light class system with aspects and fragments

As we know, the dream of further darkness classes in the witch king did not confirm. Venom and Vapor are not a topic of speculation anymore. Instead of bringing further classes of darkness into play, Bungee boosts the existing light classes so that they can continue to keep up.

The combination options that the players expect with emptiness 3.0 (from February 2022) are manifold. Using spectral blades and vanishing step at the same time is the same way as protection of twilight with controlled destruction. Likewise, the station wagon from Hand-Supernova and devouring.

Some things are removed and a few really crazy skills are added.

The Sentinel titanium becomes a protector with empty 3.0.
He will take over the role of a front line protector with his blank 3.0 update and leave his team back. Should it become burned, he can decimate the enemies with his new towered throw, thanks to the overhead, aggressively.

The hunter dives demonically into the emptiness 3.0.
At the Destiny 2 Showcase from August 2021 you can see a detail in the YouTube video, where a hunter with emptiness performs a kind of diving jump, similar to Stasis splitter jump. Even if bungee does not reveal any more accurate, this still looks promising, which will be still possible for the hunter with aspects and fragments.

Empty Warlocks become more threatening and empty-3.0 vampires.
You like the Stasis gun of the Warlock? Then you will want to try the new empty 3.0-warlock directly after this information. With the update he gets the ability to create a black hole. It crashes alone on your enemies, as a vampire deprives the energy and weakens her.

Arius and Solar should also be updated over the year 2022, via the follow-up seasons, and expansion.

What expects you to be concretely at empty 3.0, you will find here:

4 . Targeted weapon crafting for more space in the safe

Maybe this will be able to solve the vault problem of many players. Instead of lifting hundreds of variants from the same weapon in the safe, players will soon be able to restoring their weapons for each situation and adapt it. This concerns all mods, shaders and stats of your weapon and will be the next step by the Umbra Engrams.

We think: If you invest so much time in a weapon, then its okay for us if you can produce any version of it.

-Joe Blackburn

This is how the new weapon crafting will work: The more likely to use a weapon and the more associated tasks you do, the more customization options you play for this weapon. The crafting is limited to the release of Witch Queen, however, on the weapons of the throne world, from the new RAID and the seasonal weapons. The first self-soothed weapon will be the Glee.

About the year of the Hexenkönigin era, but among other things, Legacy weapons should be added to the feature.

In this article we summarize everything to weapons crafting:

5 . Destiny 2 plays good against evil Space Jedi with selectable difficulty grade

With the new extension The Witchenkönigin, the players also face a whole new opponent experience. The radiant Brut is like against a reflection of you. That sounds a bit like Star Wars, where we are the good Jedi, and they are the bad Sith.

We are no longer the only immortals: This new, light-bearing and as immortal crowd-hybrid race will play the players in front of a new challenge. No comparison with the current champions, especially since these new opponents are equipped with our skills. The radiant brood has its own empty titans with Sentinel sign, plating-fire hunters and chaos tension-warlocks. So you use the same class capabilities like guardians of the traveler. In addition, Savathuns-Brut owns ghosts who need to be destroyed to defeat them.

Like the new opponents look and what they can exactly, we reveal here:

More activities with selectable difficulty

The witch king will add a selectable legendary level of difficulty that sounds so far as it would also be a more serious challenge for long-standing players.

How hard will be the legendary campaign 2022? Joe Blackburn, Game Director at Bungee, noted that the players need to be able to play a dungeon solo. But the campaign should feel captivating. So if you easily get a legendary LOST Sector or harder dusk, you will surely feel comfortable. All new players will not get the feeling of freely eligible difficulty levels. This is a lot, which in the coming months the gaming experience in Destiny 2 is changed partially strikingly. Practical is that many changes to weapons and skills come into play before the new extension. This gives the players time to deal with it before they oppose Marathon. How do you find the abundance of innovations that come to players already in December? What do you like best? And where do you see the biggest sticking points?

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