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Blizzard working on a feature for WoW and presents it to the public. Players recognize the errors and name them in the official forum. Blizzard brings the feature without modification still on the live server. Players are acidic. Blizzard continues to adhere to the feature. Players are disappointed. Blizzard recognizes a few months later that they were wrong and change the feature.

Or so the cycle of ignorance repeated in recent years, again and again. The aim now but finally concluded to be. With demvergangenen Patch 9.1.5 the developers have changed tons of things which were almost exclusively demanded so for months by the players. The developers promised at every opportunity that player feedback is weighted higher in the future, and they wanted to listen to what had players like — of course, within reason.

From skepticism to disbelief

Especially the words they wanted to hear now on the players who made quite a few players laugh out loud. The developers had yet announced in the past a lot of things, promised or given the prospect that were forgotten after a few weeks. Attention to the motto: What interests me I said yesterday!

And even with the most optimistic players was still a healthy dose of skepticism exists. Because even if you picked up the developers their good will, the question remained whether they were ever able to listen to the players. Without community manager that filter such opinions and carry on, the developers in question would find the good feedback from all the Rumgejammere and Ge flame in the forums at all?

First error and the chance to respond

A recent adaptation now shows, however, that hope seems unfounded to a change in developers. An adjustment and Im sure that would not have been made as soon as possible earlier, but to the players to have more live servers have to wait long. It refers to the new Pact Legendary WoW 9.2.
The ability to carry two Legendary would have been prepared for the runes Metz much work. Source: Blizzard working A brief explanation: With patch 9.2 we get the opportunity to carry two Legendary same time, but what must be one of the pact specific Legendary. But This leads to a whole series of problems. So would be serious gamers to a bunch of new Legendary crafting. Not only because they probably want all four have, but also because this course still be on different slots, some of which are the same as other good Legendary.

If one wants the four Pact Legendary and one or two other Legendary combine — and then think of the slots for the new T-sets — then created a gigantic mess in which many classes need to craft a Legendary several slots, to always use it.

That would sooner not have happened!

This problem has some players naturally directly recognized and addressed. Earlier, and as the author of these lines is quite safe, the system would still be so come to the live server. The show examples abound in the past. The players would have been upset and eventually Blizzard would have fixed it with a plaster.
Two Legendary in combination with the new T-sets have some slots assigned twice. Source: Blizzard
But this time the developers have responded quickly and operated in a blue post on the animal sets reconnaissance. Namely, enter a new pact Legendary, which simply replaced with the Covenant change the effect and not on a T-Set slot. Problem largely solved.

Rapid response or well planned?

I Secretly put a Scary Mod on my Friends World...

Now one can speculate, of course, if this is really a fault of Blizzard was, or this new Legendary was planned from the outset. If thats the case, but the question arises why the developers have stated that not directly in the interviews or at least mentioned? To reason therefore that it was a response to player feedback in the forums. But even if not, then this time they have a problem recognized in advance the well-servers Live would have landed so in the past with high probability on.

The whole thing is in any case a first indication that the developers at patch 9.2 might have a better knack of avoiding the pitfalls. Because of them still wait that some in the development of the end of eternity. To do ranging from the possibility of any items to Set Items, about the amount of new resources that you get from various sources, to the balancing of the new set bonuses in connection with two Legendary.

Do you take the developers now that you will hear more on the gaming and their feedback in the future? Or do you think that Blizzard continues to pull through his own thing and fits things only when all loud screams and whining? The links marked are affiliate links. Affiliate links are no ads, as we are independent in the search and selection of the presented products. For product sales we receive a small commission, with which we partially finance the free content of the website.

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