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On this historic battlefield, where the horde and covenant are fighting for honor and shards of the fallen Nauru, the temperature is low, but the rate is high. Both fractions roll with each other eternal struggle, therefore they are looking for new characters who will help reverse the fate of the conflict. Focus on key purposes and apply honorary murders to help your faction in relation to victory! The conflict is inevitable, and you must choose a page. So come as a champion and take up your place among broken in the Altered valley!

Such an announcement prepared Blizzard with a new addition to Hearthstone named a break in the Altered valley. Crossing Altered will have their premiere on December 7 and will introduce 135 new cards to the collection.

Each character class will have a new hero card with powerful combat shouts and special powers that can reverse the mileage. Despite the hostility between fractions, remember to fight Honor! Cards with keyword Honor murder provide a special effect if with their turn in your turn task exactly as much damage, how much enough to kill the enemy speaker.

The Altered valley is full of strategic goals that can bring a lot of benefits in the fight. These are spells whose effects last until 3rd rounds. Use the advantage gained thanks to them and tilt the scales of victory to your website. What, however, with this whole conflict?

Log in to Hearthstone after entering the update 21.8, and you will become a choice between Drew Tar from Horde and Vandal Goddard from the covenant, or neutral legendary cards from the extension in the Altered valley. By choosing one of them, you will talk about one of the parties, and you will receive it in the form of a free golden card instantly in the game. To pick up only once on each account.

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After the premiere of the enlargement, you will fight for your fraction to gain prizes and the highest honor — you will receive a diamond version of the legendary card of the winning fraction. And without worrying — a further part of the journey after completing the extension will also include access to the ordinary leader of the enemy fraction.

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Addition I do not judge, but the Polish version of the song is great!

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