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Farm animals are a vital star dew valley resource, and they are advantageous by providing you with useful resources that you would need to buy elsewhere, a bit like the fishing ponds of the game. A farm animal you want to get for Your property is chickens, so you can gather their useful eggs, which you can use in a variety of recipes. To keep them happy and satisfied, you must feed them.

You add chickens to your farm by adding a hen house, which you can build by Robin. She is at Carpenter s Shop, north of the city. You can transform the cooperative into a large cooperative or a luxury cooperative. The standard version contains four, the large cooperative contains 8 and the luxury cooperative holds 12. After buying it, you can then get chickens at the Marine ranch or placing an egg in an incubator. You then assign the chickens to the cooperative you have, and you name them. They come in three colors: white, brown and blue. You get blue by finishing an eight-hearted event for Shane.

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How to feed chickens in Stardew Valley

Your chickens eat only hay or grass. You can acquire hay by cutting the grass on your farm or buying it in Marine. Each chicken you own requires a single piece of hay every day in the power bench. Rather than always having hay in your inventory, you can locate it in the hay hopper at the top left of the cooperative. You automatically enter the amount of hay you need, which facilitates the placement in the power tray. The hay comes from your inventory or silo that you need to buy in Robin to build it. If you buy Marine hay, you must place the hay inside the silo manually.

Players who have a luxury cooperative do not need to feed their chickens because their hay hopper comes with an automatic power function. You may want to work to improve yours speaking to Robin to know which materials you need to build it in order to have a less Corvus around your farm.

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