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After one year of search and planning, Crossly is now active in Dead by Daylight, allowing PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC players to play together.

Although this will greatly help eliminate long waiting times that can sometimes happen in the game, it is not without its negative points. Given the power of the PC with respect to the data consoles, this gives PC players an advantage due to a higher frequency of images and the additional maneuverability granted by a mouse and a keyboard with respect to a controller. Moreover — Although it is not in any case the ordinary computer hackers — are much more frequent in the PC version of the game, while they have been largely absent from the console versions so far.

The meta-game for the PC also differs slightly from that of the console, especially the best ranked killers; PC players tend to favor the nurse at high levels (a killer who can blink instantly from one place to another but requires a skillful control), but on the consoles, it tends to be less effective because of the limitations of the controllers. On console, many upscale players choose to play the mind — a vengeful ghost that strikes players with a Katina and can become briefly invisible, zooming on the map to track his prey with the disadvantage of losing sight of the survivors., resting instead on the sound and other visual clues such as blood, scratches or movements in the grass.

Unfortunately, as it is still a new version, we do not know to what extent the functionality will be optimized in the current day to give all the players an equal chance, whatever the platform, but while Behavior has made unpopular decisions in the past, he has also made an effort to take into account the community — they quickly canceled the amendments to the AURA system in response to complaints, and after recent changes to the system of Matchmaking (which seemed so good in theory, especially since the previous system was a complaint for many players) has been too unbalanced in practice, it was quickly offline. If it does not work as well as expected, expect changes to the system soon.

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Are you a main killer or a main survivor? Are you enthusiastic about the crossed game or dreaded against a PC player? Let us know in the comments.

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