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The Sanctum of the rule is WoW players Swallowed slowly but surely for most, and it comes in handy that even a new raid is available with the soon-to-be released new patch 9.2. As part of our mission to thwart the plans of the jailer and thus to save the world once again, we go to the Mausoleum of the First. In a total of eleven new bosses wait on our heroes where we can stock up not only with a lot of normal loot, but also with the returnees, iconic animal sets for our class.

Particularly much yet about the Mausoleum of the First is known to date. But what we already know, is the fact that the raid is a very special place. Known according to our WoW heroes laws of nature should not exist at this location namely, actually. Expect formations and places where are other physical laws.

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This survey is currently based on the information which have already betrayed the developers, and, of course, regularly updated and brought up to date.
WoW, Patch 9.2: Mausoleum of the First — all the information about the new Raid (1) Source: Blizzard Source

The Mausoleum of the First — the eleven bosses

Which wait eleven bosses in detail to us, that the developers did not want to reveal. But what we know that we will meet Indoor as a boss and fight him. If we have to kill him there? Unlikely, but not impossible. And the final boss is known. At the very end of the mausoleum we will meet the highest even in an epic battle on the jailer.

Prior to wait several henchmen of the jailer — among others one or two dread lords. We also meet the Counselor — much like Algal on a Being. Only that this is the Kerkermeister subjected.

The following eleven bosses are already known:

The Stellar a creature similar to Algal on
Indoor Wynn the king of the Alliance
The jailer the final boss of the mausoleum

Source: Blizzard Source: Blizzard

The Mausoleum the First — Equip

Here, too, the developers were able to make any definitive information. Especially in terms of returning animal sets could change another one or two. However, remain the developers to their roots and raise the Item level in the same steps as before, expect the following Item Level

LFR: 239 (246 at the last bosses)
Normal: 252 (259 at the last bosses)
Heroic: 265 (272 at the last bosses)
Mythical: 278 (285 at the last bosses)

Attention! These values ​​are preliminary and can change quite impressive.

Source: Blizzard Source: Blizzard

The Mausoleum of the First — release date

Here, too, the developers have not made any claims, which is also logical. After all, do not yet know times exactly when patch will come to the live Server 9.2. However, they are based again on the approach that they have gone to arrive at the last patches.

So this time the raid will only open its doors shortly after the patch. A week later, we expected then the mythical mode and the first LFR wing. Once the dates are fixed, we will supplement naturally here.

Developers also confirmed in an interview that the raid opens time gated. While the first eight bosses (including Indoor) directly available, we have to wait for the back three a week longer.

Are you glad that finally a new raid is imminent, or are you still employed fully with the Sanctum of the rule?


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