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When it was launched on November 5 at the PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles, Call of Duty Vanguard made people shudder on certain days, and for a good reason. Several problems have been reported with the progression of the challenges of the eyes and problems with the weapons camouflages. Since then, the title of Sledgehammer Games has benefited from a first update on November 10 and then a second correction patch implemented on November 11 at night that mainly solves problems encountered in all game modes, Both in the campaign and the multiplayer and the zombies.

Notes of the November 11 patch of Call of Duty: Vanguard

Multiplayer mode

A generation problem was corrected in the Numa cave in domination, team duel and confirmed death.
Greater range A short distance to snipers challenges.
An error was corrected by which players could appear in a round of purchase with fists and without secondary weapons.
The progression of the challenges of different peaks was corrected.
The incendiary cartridges no longer activate voices in off of death due to fire or burns damage to corpses.
The challenge Secrets of the Pacific: Get 3 Victories that counts Lost as Victories was corrected.
An error message was corrected in Champion of the Hill regarding the purchase when the weapon was not purchased.

The incorrect display of the CLAN XP bar was corrected after level 1.
A rare error was corrected that caused the slider that caused the field of vision to stick.
It was corrected that the melee deaths will be recorded as victories for the challenges of the operator.
An unusual block was corrected on the MVP voting screen.
The combat shield now protects the back of the players when it is saved.
It was corrected that the players were invisible in the MVP vote.
An error was corrected that affected the progression of Constance aspects.
Operator s challenges no longer seem to restart after completion.
The inaccurate unlocking conditions for weapons challenges are now shown correctly.

Zombies mode

A problem was solved that allowed the players to leave the map.
Players who died on the floor did not change correctly to spectator mode.
An error was corrected that gave the players the predetermined pistol when falling instead of the Holy Punch version if they had one.
Camouflage progress: Now all gun challenges can be completed correctly.
The zombies count killed in ex filtration now correctly track the progress of the dead zombies.

Self-resuscitation: A problem was solved that caused players from receiving legendary aid on the altar of the pacts.
Rear report: Players no longer return to the menu when they try to see unlocked items after the game.
Combat improvements: a problem was solved by which players who recovered from a fall could not use combat improvements in exceptional cases.

Vanguard campaign

For some, the delivery data from the intermediate control point did not work.
Note: Players have not lost all the progress of their campaign. Saved games will lead the players at the beginning of the last level instead of their last point of control. This is not a common occurrence, but it was necessary for future update processes.

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