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Infinite will soon be released the Techs on the island and players look like that too. What many hides but is that this creation of Epic Games is a devilish machine. We show you why that is so.

What are Techs? These transformers are vehicles that place space for 2 players. A player assumes maneuvering, the other the guns. The driver can run wide jumps and bust near enemies or buildings.

The shooter, on the other hand, has two cannons at hand. This makes it possible for him to act in a short or further distance. With which one gun can, as with a shotgun, shot fast and extremely dangerous shotgun. With the other gun, many small missiles can be fired on a selected destination as with a spear per. Thus, coverings can be holes as if they were made of cotton wool.

A tempting and brutal device. Soon you will have the chance to get back into this devilish er and ensure chaos.

You will bring you to spoil through donations

What do players say? Many players want these things back, as they are fun in creative mode. Others say that they are fun, if they are used, but unfair if other non-Jews against you have to compete. Surprisingly, however, much of the community would like to return these things, although they have annoyed many players in the past.

How to get to a Much? Datamyne for Fortnite have found that in the elections shimpanski is at the figureheads, a very specific selection will take place soon. Through gold donations, you can then vote for this device.

That would not be bad if the community in the last choice was more likely to choose the Boogie bombs, instead of the campaign.

These idiosyncratic grenades would have been a very good counterattack against these machines, since after a detonation of the enemy would be forced to dance. During this time he would not have the opportunity to attack.

But instead, the battlefields were chosen, which actually earns only the place in the trash by their generated state.

What s so bad to the Much? There is a lot, but before I start plaguing you, look at a Reddit video from the user U / Leo9991. This funny and disturbing clip will take you briefly in a world full of destructive Techs:

After now literally tasting the desperation, I explain to you more closely, which is why they are so bad.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) | Real-Time Fandub Games
With this vehicle all other vehicles will automatically become useless. Hyper, a well-known leader, said that Epic Games has rebuilt the Techs so that they can move quickly on the water.

Of course, the B.I.e.s.t does not offer 4 places so that you can flit through the MAP with your team. However, one of these monsters is sufficient in your team to have a noticeable advantage over other players — without Techs.

These cars are running tanks and have tons of HP. No matter what you are showed, your opponent has no chance anyway. Alone only the guns of such a monster are the reason for deleting Fortnite completely from the hard drive.

No matter what distance you are, the Much can kill you. If you try to push him, you will either be banned or pumped up with the shotgun.

But you are far away, the Much can quickly get to you with his jumps or send his missiles to you. So he covers every distance effortlessly. If the elections will soon be pending, you can be against the implementation, unless you want to rob another nerve.

What do you think of this monster? Do you also like them cool and thus have at that time in Season 10 every player rubbed or do you never want to see them again? Let us know!

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