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Game One (previously MTV Game One; in the pilot as MTV Players) is a previous German tv program for video clip and computer system video games, which has actually been known, among other points, for its humorist discussion of games as well as sensations of game culture. In 2011, the internet site of the program was granted the Audience Honor of the Grimme Online Award. On December 22, 2014, MTV announced the hiring of the program, the last episode 307 was published on 24 December.

Amazon s New World has now been available for about a month and the opinion of the playership is a bit twiels. Some users continue to enjoy their journey through Aeternum, the crafting system, and all other things that the MMO has to offer.

However, there are many voices that NEW WORLD (Buy Now 39.99 €) now in a rather bad light. For example, with German players, there is a motivation hole, in about then, if you have reached level 40. After that, you have seen most things that make up the game and for many it is probably not a tempting prospect of making a few hours exactly the same things over and over again.

No matter if you like one of the feedback loop from New World or not, you probably have to say that New World has such a few problems. Among other things, the economy of the game is a often occurring discussion topic under players.

is New World s economy broken?

Simplified, players see a problem in that there are very few ways to bring new gold into play. The majority of the wealth of a server arises due to the completion of the various quests, which at some point naturally end. After that, only a fraction of this sum is brought into circulation. Of course, a single player can still earn a lot of gold and make a nice life.

However, if a server is the hypothetical sum of 90 million gold in circulation, and 900 players each have 100,000 gold, the rest of the server population is no longer too much left. The fact that some players have quite little gold and need to cancel this for any taxes and gold-destroying systems, such as repairing objects, understandably do not want to spend much gold in the trading post.

Furthermore, the trading post is currently the only way to get rid of unwanted items if you do not want to destroy this way. This turns every player, making it a huge range of materials, but only a limited number of gold to buy them. For the single player, this is not necessarily a restriction, but on the entire server population of New World, the situation is probably not optimal in the long run.

Every day new serious bugs occur in New World

The Hydra is a multi-headed being from Greek mythology. If she loses a head, you grow two new ones. This is how the currently also runs with the bugs in Amazon s New World.

In the last few days, a bug was discovered by which player could write HTML codes into the chat of the title, which indicates images and even brought the game of other users to crash. Some players have also managed to duplicate their gold. The problem is actually a lot more engraving, as the page inVenglobal reports. In a conversation with an IT risk consultant, it explained that every developer should be ashamed at Amazon, that this feature is even in the game.

The bug can probably not only destroy in-game systems, but may also grant access to the PC of other users:

If this error concerns the computer from someone beyond the game files, you could get remote access to the computers of other persons, install keylogger to retrieve, install your passwords, install virus and ransomware or simply delete your entire Windows installation. That would be that that would be that worst scenario.

The full scope of this New World Exploits has not yet been known and there are no cases in which users were affected outside the game. So you do not have to throw New World directly from your PC, but maybe you should ignore the chat of the game for some time.

After a short time, this bug received a lot of attention from New World players, and the developers wanted to actually resolve them. Unfortunately, only a small section of the code used has been set to the black list, so to speak. You can continue to use it, if otherwise, without any problems.

Furthermore, there was an exploit through which players could complete the Town board quests without actually submitting the objects required for it. This could therefore be generated both infinitely experience points and infinitely talers. Also, gold could be duplicated by offering the own taler to another player to trading, which simply separated his active internet connection, and thus broke off the trade. Due to the numerous gold exploits, through which probably Taler generated in billions of height, Amazon was forced to completely deactivate the Taler transfer.

The developers do not really know what they do

However, this pavement solution caused another problem: guilds with entitlement to an area continued to improve this. Normally, gold from the guild bank is deprived, but since the Taler transfer has been deactivated, the guild bank lost no gold. The improvement could then be canceled and the guild bench received the issued gold back.

Although Amazon wants to approach the players who used the Gold Exploits, but many of them have already spent a large part of their gold and bought the entire auction house. Furthermore, players have probably lost some of their city upgrades because they could not pay taxes for them due to the deactivated Taler transfers. By the way, the Taler transfer was reactivated on 3 November.

Also, numerous weapon talents are currently simply broken. Either they do not work or much better than they should. Amazon has already fixed some mistakes with these, short time later, however, much more were found. Overall, there are too many mistakes in the game when you count here. There is a look at the Bugs and Exploits section of the Title s Official Forum, in which many new bugs are reported by the players every day.

Of these, each one can also be visible for free as you need to describe exactly how to implement a bug if you want to report it. This of course also ensures that any bugs and exploits can be exploited by much more players.

Pvp somehow does not work that way

The entire PVP system is currently a bit problematic. A major focus of the game are the wars around the various areas, but here only a fraction of the player s shot is taken. So it is likely that some players will not participate in a single war during their entire season, which is a pity. Although there is a 20V20 mode with the Outpost Rush, which is available for each player from level 60, but the feeling of a real war does not really come up with.

Then there is still the problem that there is probably an automated Ban system, making a large part of the members of guilds closed shortly before a war, as many players reported these. So areas can be easily taken, which is completely opposite to the premise of Amazon s New World.

Can Amazon solve the problem with faction balance?

Another point is the fraction balance on the servers. On some, the three factions of marauders, alliance and syndicate are often represented. However, this balance can change quite quickly and to a few servers is a certain fraction already much stronger than the remaining two.

If you have connected to a faction at the beginning of the game, which has not owned a single area, then that, of course, ensures a lot of frustration. Finally, you can not access some quality-of-life features, such as domestic access to your own warehouse.

Although a fraction change is possible, but players can not overflow the currently strongest faction. This is, so to speak, they are trapped in his current weak group, which may have no prospect of any conquest. Some players could therefore rely on the server transfer, making certain servers only populated by a single faction. This could also influence the queues on certain servers.

Amazon himself can do very little at the faction balancing. If a group is increasingly from experienced and dedicated players, they will also have more success. While this is a pity for players of the other factions, but an intervention from Amazon could not like the player s leading faction.

Numerous complaints of players

Like many MMORPGs, there are also available in Amazon s New World Various bots that collect resources, fishing, and perform other automated activities. Although Amazon is already there to lock numerous bot accounts and the players themselves have already found a few creative solutions to deal with them, but the fun is still limited by this.

In addition, the developers of Amazon Game Studios is probably still very difficult to actually communicate with their players. For example, the New World Developer Helpulwalrus declared recently, as the High Watermark System works exactly. This decides how high the item level of the items that you receive from monsters, as soon as your level 60 reaches. Also, things like the threat mechanics were explained only in response to a forum post, which the normal players probably never get to face if he does not explicitly look for it.

Overall, there are new discussions about any problems with the game in the official forums of the game and also on Reddit daily. The combat system is for some players only a left-click simulator, the quest design is quite boring, there is too little variation in the PVE opponents, and so on.

Quality of Life leaves something to be desired

Not to forgetting there are also some quality-of-life features that Amazon s New World is painfully missing. For example, if you are in a city, you have to zoom in again every time you open to see the location of the various crafting stations. Also, some players complained that objects in their inventory lose durability, which does not really make sense.

Some of these points, such as the economy and the group balance, may just be just as the game should be according to developers. Whether this really has to be done here, only the future will show. The constantly occurring and often serious bugs, however, make sure to make players for a lot of frustration. When players generate a utopian amount of gold through a gold exploit and thus buy very powerful objects, this ensures an unfair advantage. E in Schelm, who thinks that these exploits Amazon are gone to bring more gold into play.

Amazon definitely has a lot of work in front of him. Not only do you have to repair broken systems and iron out the eternal bugs, but also provide a good replenishment of new content. The current feedback loop will probably not be enough in the long run to keep most of the players in a mood, which is why new weapons, new areas, and new dungeons would be a welcome variety.

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