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Currently, New World servers have dropped in terms of number of people, reaching approximately 400,000 players. However, it is still one of the most played games in Steam, but its commitment does not seem to be a good augury for Amazon Games in the coming months. According to the statistics given by Steamdb, the game is starting to fall slowly and there are several problems can explain this slow but painful fall.

Players who did not fully adapt to the game

This category of players are those who hoped to find an MMO that will adapt them perfectly. However, they abandoned the game because the gameplay, the universe or the orientation towards the elaboration did not succeed in all well. For these players, It is quite normal to observe a fall in the statistics after the first weeks, not because the game is bad, but rather because it is not from your liking and prefer to return to your confidence MMO as you can be World of Warcraft, Black Desert or Final Fantasy 14.

great frustration with errors or bugs and lack of communication.

true disadvantage of this fall of players is, without a doubt, the frustration that players may have suffered due to errors or exploits that have been appearing during the last weeks. Amazon Games has not been receptive enough in the eyes of the community regarding important problems, such as the transfer of characters or the elimination of too broken game modes.

These two aspects of the game are diametrically different, but loved by the players. As a result, the mass withdrawal did not have a positive effect on the community. The errors continued to grow as the patches were implemented and, as a result, the players stopped connecting to return to them after a great update of content that could have renewed interest in the game or just to never return and be tempted For another game.

Errors When starting an MMO, is this normal?

We know that there is almost no MMO that has not been responsible for its errors during a launch. It should be remembered that World of Warcraft did not have the most glorious start to remember that we saw errors related to the opening of chests, absurdly broken heads and other concerns that harmed the experience of the players. To quote a newer one, we have Final Fantasy XIV, which also had a good number of problems for its launch.

New World - A Response to the Fans (and more bugs)
An MMO can not be perfect when it is thrown, or even any game to tell the truth, so sometimes you have to have patience to finally have a stable and balanced game. We are seeing developers to give the best of themselves to provide weekly updates and try to keep players happy. We do not have to feel lucky to have patches every week, but at least We must take into account the work done by the developers.

New World has just launched and still has a lot of time to improve exponentially. Even so, it can be understandable that the players do not want to deal with a game that has many mistakes or that it is not from their liking. Contrary to the criticisms we can see, New World is not a game that does not have content: the trade, the discovery of all the mysteries that hides the map, the completion of all the main and secondary missions, the level of reputation, the wars Facility or dungeons are good things that can keep players happy before a future content update.

Particularly in a game like New World, which has a phase of high quality grindeo and who does not want to be a career for the experience, since the developers wanted to favor the exploration and domain of the trades for the characters. Even so, it is obvious that the MMO of Amazon Games lacks content, but not enough to qualify as an empty game.

Is it normal to see a drop of players in New World?

Yes, it is normal to see that an MMO is empty and, in reverse, it is filled again when a content update is announced. The MMOs remain functioning like a Yo-I, with players entering and going out again and again. In addition, it is clear that video game publishers are increasingly difficult to keep players in their games since the consumption of games has changed drastically for players and that the latter spend very fast from one another. News with new releases, games that enjoy different influers that attract a large percentage of users or new patches of large content implemented in existing games.

Anyway, it is not a drama to have a drop of players and in no way is a demonstrative factor of a game s poor quality. Unfortunately it is a fact and it is good often what happens with other games of different temporalities that can be more or less long: fortnite, call of duty, world of warcraft, teso, heartstone and many others are also under this Yugo and are not an exception to the rule. Keep in mind that all these games have storm and calm cycles that can be accentuated or not depending on the follow-up to be done. The only exception to this rule for almost 10 years is League of Legends, that constantly maintains a high number of players, in particular, a monthly and annual sports scene that constantly increases the expectation between players and, Consequently, for the game.

Also remember the cs: go that has been a multiplayer monster for more than 20 years and always attracting and always retaining the players, since the principle of fighting with firearms in a sand is timeless. However, if New World does not come to add content quickly, it is true that the game will continue emptying. Any game devoid of content becomes what is called a dead game, as some MMO that have already fallen into battle in the past.

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