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Stardew Valley is a RPG type video game in which the player have to handle the ranch of his deceased grandfather. It was developed by Eric Barone and also edited by Chucklefish Games. The game appeared in February 2016 on Windows, then in December 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is likewise available on Nintendo Switch over because October 5, 2017.

Stardew Valley | Playthrough | With Colin

The board game Stardew Valley was obviously a little more popular than expected. He was originally released on February 23rd this year and at the end of the next day he was completely exhausted. That day, the creator of the game stated that they would have another wave of products ready to be launched at a given moment – and even if the preparation may have taken a long time, he kept his promise. Pre-orders will be posted on November 3rd.

A blog article describing the version covers some key topics, such as shipping and distribution outside the United States:

The expedition in time for Christmas may not be possible. The games are assembled in the Michigan and transported to Florida to be executed as we speak. Our Quartermaster orders told us that these orders are coming to customers before Christmas, but be aware that the state of shipments (international and national) is currently seriously affected by global events.

In addition, the game has suffered some changes since its last exit. Those who are at the origin of his creation listened carefully to the comments of the players and spent the expectation to adjust things accordingly.

Extract from the same blog article: We spent time after the initial launch to gather comments and make some improvements. For example, many people thought that the mines were too difficult. After looking closer, we thought that a number of Mine Map cards could result in frustrating results frequently, so we were adjusted. The difficulty is not much affected, but the chance to get nothing for your efforts is considerably reduced.

Those who missed the original impression may have had to wait 7 months so that this promise is realized, and if the last version is something to do, they should keep an eye attentive on their calendar if they want to live an experience Stardew in physical form. These printing copies of the game have better information on customer demand this time, but prevention is better than cure!

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