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Fights in Haunted Chocolatier do not work exactly as in Stardew Valley. This time there is also shields.

It is just one and a half weeks ago that Eric Concernedape Barone has announced his new game Haunted Chocolatier, since he has already released the next information – and although a release is expected to be in far away (or maybe never done).

Barone wants to publish on the website again and again contributions, in which he expresses the current state of development or specific topics. They should not seem regularly, but then, if it feels right. The first of these texts is about the fight in Haunted Chocolatier, the barone (how much in the game) completely newly developed, instead of simply take over the existing system from Stardew Valley. In his new game, a greater focus is on the battles than in the previous work. Therefore, they should be more interesting and an element that this should be achieved are shields.

ConcernedApe's Haunted Chocolatier - Official Early Gameplay Trailer

In Haunted Chocolatier, you can easily blow wildly on your opponents and will defeat them very quickly, but careful players should be rewarded thanks to the new shield mechanics. Many attacks can be blocked and in most cases ensures that your enemy is briefly stunned. Then you can take him to him with a higher pace. Barone says, in addition to shields, there should be more items for the sidehand that support different game styles.

As can be seen from the upper image material, the vibration animation has changed compared to the first gameplay video. Barone points out extra to show that there is hardly anything in stone. Everything that there has been to see so far could change before the game is done, writes the developer. If you have followed the development of Stardew Valley, you will be familiar to you.

Barone also says that he will not betray everything to Haunted Chocolatier before release, because he prefer to discover many things themselves: I want to surprise and enjoy people. But if you already know everything in the game Something of the final experience.
Last but not least, he emphasizes Haunted Chocolatier only when he is personally convinced that it s fun and in every aspect is irresistible. If it never reaches this point, I will never publish it, says Barone. But do not worry, I m 100 percent confident that I will achieve this point. Currently everything is going according to plan, he has the complete vision of the game in his head and it is only about working hard and implementing everything into action. And the making barone just every day.

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