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On the nightmare mode fromback 4 Blood, the players bite their teeth. Many give up – and are extremely frustrated.

The nightmare mode in back 4 Blood has it in itself. Only a fraction of all players on Steam – namely vanishing small 0.2% – was able to complete the game on this difficulty level. But these hardness frustrates many players, because they have the impression: it s just for luck, cheese strategies and exploits exploits.

Only a few players create the nightmare: If you look at the Achievement statistics on Back 4 Blood on Steam, will be clear at first glance: Only a few players create it salvation through the nightmare mode:

0.5% of the players have acted Act 1
0.3% of players Act 2
0.2% of players Act 3
0.3% of players Act 4

On Steam, only 0.2% of the players can master all cards.

What is the problem at nightmare mode? There is not a single problem, but several. On the one hand, it is the pure difficulty in itself. All zombies cause significantly more damage. Exploders can even kill Cleaners with a single attack, Tallboys only need 2 – especially if they are reinforced by Corruption Cards.

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The Corruption Cards, ie the negative affixes, are another criticism. While worries for great variety, but at the same time for simply unfair combinations. If about a boss fight comes along with a poison gas card, in which Snitcher is left in abundance, you can give up directly.

Which cards are selected depends on chance. So it can happen that the Corruption Cards the decks of the players perfectly counterclockwise and highly specialized players – like carvers – suddenly lose slightly dramatically.

This random factor ensures frustration when the effects are too massive.

Cheese strategies are popular: The players who have mastered nightmare so far, share their experiences and report themselves of cheese strategies. For example, you have left a player to tactically important points for dying. By removing the zombies, all zombies are only lured to this player, so the others can force the flight.

In other places, the game principle will be guided ad absurdum by creating the players sprint decks with which it is just about racing as soon as possible through the card. This allows you to be faster than many zombies and completely deals with the majority of the gameplay. This is efficient, but is the actual game and a playing style with tactics and coordination but in the way.

Bots make the game easier: Especially frustrating for solid 4-group groups is the fact that bots make the game easier. Although the bots are extremely stupid in some places, hanging or stirring simply not, but bring many other advantages:

I Got The Hardest Corruption Card To Start Nightmare || Back 4 Blood Solo Nightmare

Bots have infinitely ammo and rich them on to the player.
Bots can not cause a Friendly Fire and shoot through player through players or throw a Molotov cocktail that burns zombies, but players ignored.
Bots die in the nightmare mode not immediately, but have bonus life.
Bots can mark special zombies so they can be visible through walls and fog.

In addition, many players have the impression that the game distributes more resources (grenades, copper, weapons) when bots are there and generally few hard corruption cards are played.

At the beginning too hard: It is also criticized that the campaign follows at nightmare almost a reversed learning curve. The first missions in act 1 are probably at a distance the toughest. There players hardly have tickets to choose from and have to come with almost no resources through the card. If you exist the first maps, then it will usually be easier.

Added to this is the fact that there are only 2-3 respawn points per act. If you do not create at least 4 or 5 maps in a pass, you have to start from scratch.

Frustration is pre-programmed here.

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This is what the community is discussed: In the subreddit from Back 4 Blood, the difficulty level of nightmare is always a topic. Many players find it good that the mode should be challenging and errors do not forgive – the random factor and the need to resort to cheese strategies or small exploits, but not so well.

Above all, the spawn of several special zombies of the same variety in a short time can be overwhelming. On nightmare, the fight against Tallboys and their variants (Crusher, Bruiser) is a small boss fight. If three of them simultaneously steep a room and you are trapped between them, the whole team decomposes in a few seconds. Basically, this is hoped here that the developers still screw up a little on the difficulty and improve balancing. Have you already dared to nightmare? Or is you hoping that the balancing of this difficulty is still adapted?

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