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Infifa 22 is there a new squad building challenge, in which you can easily exchange a few unused players. As a reward, a good pack beckons.

What is this for a SBC? The Squad Building Challenge is called against the electricity and belongs to the current Rulebreakers event. This event puts cards in the foreground that have unusual values. Accordingly, it fits that the SBC also has a few unusual requirements:

Exactly 1 player from 1 country
Exactly 5 players with at least 77 ges
Exactly 2 players with at least 80 gows
Min. 6 Player: Rare
Min. Silver player
Maximum 75 team chemistry
Number of players in the team: 11

The requirements are unusual because they do not require minimum chemistry, but a maximum chemistry of you. Suppose: You can whistle on connections and positions.

What is there as a reward? Do you manage the SBC, you get a rare-electrum player pack (unchangeable). This usually costs 30,000 coins, so does not even be so cheap and belongs to the best packs in FIFA 22. Accordingly, it can be worth grabbing the pack – even if the content is not exchangeable.

Because you may get your strengthening for your team or at least new SBC lining: In the pack, 6 are rare gold and 6 rare silver players.

So you solves the against the power -SBC in FIFA 22

What kind of players do you need? The requirements look confusing with all the numbers, but actually it s easy. You only need:

5 gold player. Two of them need 80 total value or more, the other three between 77 and 79.
The rest fills with silver players.

Maintains that you need 6 rare players and no two players from the same country are allowed to come.

That can look like this:

In short, just look in your club, what kind of players you still have from unchangeable packs or the like. Simply go to only unchangeable items in the SBC and then rely on quality and best from low to high.

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Since the chemistry does not matter, you can also place goalkeepers on striker positions in case of doubt or try any other variant. Even if you do not have any tickets in the club and do not want to get the SBC player on the transfer market, the solution should hardly cost you more than 4,000 coins – but usually this SBC should be almost free.

It is much harder to be the new SBC for Chelsea player Kanté. There is currently in the Flashback version. But is the special card for Kanté worthwhile?

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